Popcorn Scented Stickers

This adorable little girl is just always so happy! And look at her silly little tongue!

Photos from her teachers…

Bananas and stickers on our quick trip to Trader Joe’s, where she also picked out her specific yogurt flavor. (I literally pointed at all the other flavors as she said “no,” and then finally “yes” to this one.)

And the stickers were popcorn scented!

Jeff was finishing up mowing the yard from last night (we have almost ½ an acre, so it takes a while with a push mower), so Emmie and I ate dinner without him again. Tonight was our favorite quick & easy Chinese food from Trader Joe’s, which Emerson absolutely loves. She ate four of the little pork dumplings, one whole chicken spring roll, and a scoop of veggie fried rice (which I always scramble eggs into).

After dinner, we joined Daddy outside in the yard. I said a few weeks ago that we’ve been trying to squeeze in all the outside time possible while we have such nice weather, and that is still very much true. We just kind of wander around the yard, letting our curious toddler explore and play, and it’s so nice!

She was saying “hiiiiii!” to the car driving past, that could definitely not hear her 😆

One of her favorite games right now is to run away from you, just so she can turn around and run back and collapse in your arms, giggling and laughing. And my word if it isn’t the cutest thing.

After getting her in her jammies, and reading books (by the way, she ate goldfish out of a plastic Easter egg from school while we read but my phone was dead), she was silly for a few minutes and tried to fight bedtime. But I got her to lay her head on my shoulder, and she quickly gave in to the rocking chair and the sound machine, and was ready to be laid down in her crib pretty quickly.

I changed into some work clothes, started a new audio book, and went back out to work more on our front garden bed. The section I worked on tonight was more difficult, for some strange reason, so it took longer to do less square footage. I finished the part I wanted to, but it still take one more night of work before the whole thing is cleared. And then we still need to clean up the piles of weeds I’ve left sitting out there…

Tonight’s project section before…

And after.

Here’s a full view of the front (from before I worked tonight)…

And then I’ll work on this one last small-ish section on Thursday evening…

And then we still need to prune the three knockout rose bushes, and probably tame the rosemary bush growing around the Japanese maple a little bit.

I’ve still got the spring cleaning/improving fever!

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