Baby Buggy

We had delicious Chick-fil-A breakfast to start the day, and it was of course so yummy. Chicken, egg & cheese bagels for the grown-ups, and chicken minis for the little. And we shared our hash browns with her.

And then Jeff dropped us off at Old Navy for a morning of shopping with the girls! Aunt Mae Mae and Emerson were so excited to see each other, since it had been a couple of weeks.

Emmie found these glasses and fell in love with them. These were adult ones, but we found her a little baby pair instead, and she looks so adorable in them!

We also did some shopping at TJ Maxx (where I hand-picked the 4 dresses Megan bought), and Emmie thought she really needed another grocery buggy. I reminded her she had one at home already, and then had to tell her 100 times to put it back 🤣

Jeff came back to pick Emmie up, so us big girls could spend some time at the salon getting pedicures, which was so nice! We had lots to talk about, and we laughed a lot too. I just love my Mama & Sissy so much!

And completely on accident, we all ended picking out different shades of blue. So fun!

My Mama brought me back home afterwards, where I moved on to step #2 in the bread recipe, and also started a second loaf as well. And then I microwaved some chicken & green chile tamales from Trader Joe’s, and they were so good! This was the first time I’ve tried these, but i was impressed.

They don’t look pretty, but they were good. They even come wrapped in corn husks to be microwaved in, and then you remove them before eating.

And then my baby Tater Tot woke up from her nap! Apparently when Daddy put her down, she had wanted her pj pants and socks, so she wore that with her dress. She’s the funniest girl.

We had some play time, and some snack time, and hung out at home for just a bit.

Andy bread came out perfect! Jeff and I shared a piece, then we loaded up in the car to go run some more errands. And we stopped to surprise my parents with half of the loaf of bread!

(Emmie’s holding the loaf in that blue towel.)

We went to Trader Joe’s for a few quick things, and so we let Emmie get her own baby buggy to push around. And she loved it! (She had a minor melt down when Daddy told her we didn’t need any apples, but other than that she did really well.)

I had a loaf of Italian bread in the fridge that needed to be used up, so I made french toast for dinner, and it turned out so good! I added milk, cinnamon, and Mexican vanilla we got on our cruise to the egg mixture, and it gave it such great flavor!

Bath time after dinner, and then lotion before bed.

My Nugget was super tired and was out like a light in no time flat. And then I was back outside in the perfect weather for some more yard work. I actually worked for about an hour tonight, and got it alllllmost done. But I ran out of light, and had to call it quits for the night. Planning to go get new plants tomorrow, and I’m pretty excited about it!

Also, look at these weird things I found in the garden tonight! I have pulled a lot of these little bulb things throughout the whole garden, and I don’t even know what they are. Weeds, I’m assuming? But the white thing? I have no idea! I thought it was plastic, but it’s not, and I was even able to snap a piece of it off the end. So random.

After finishing my yard work, I cooked up some breakfast sausage to prepare for the sausage, egg & cheese muffins I’m making for our Sunday school class in the morning. Then I washed all the dishes, and now I’m exhausted. Jeff actually went to bed early, so I have a night of Netflix all to myself!

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