Partially Collapsed Lung

Well I’m gonna cut straight to the chase tonight… It was a weird day. Jeff drove himself to the ER late last night with chest pains and shortness of breath. I stayed home because Emmie was asleep, but Jeff’s mom met him at the hospital. They kept him overnight running tests & monitoring his heart, and I woke up early this morning to head up there. I got Emerson ready for church, then dropped her off with my parents for the day. She also spent some time with Jeff’s parents this afternoon while my parents had some plans.

My mom posted this on Facebook…

Grammy: What did you learn about in Sunday School today?
Emerson: Jesus!

They’re never too young to start telling them about Jesus!

Long story short, we spent some time in waiting rooms, and in a tiny private room after he was admitted, and we did a lot of waiting. He had a chest x-ray, a heart stress test, and a CT scan. (Jeff’s dad, among other Pullen’s, have some heart issues, so that was the first priority to check on.) Turns out, he had a partially collapsed lung, that was probably caused by inhaling some acid reflux (which he does have issues with).

My Mama did Emerson bath and bedtime, and Jeff got discharged from the hospital around 8:30 tonight. He was already feeling much better after lots of IV fluids throughout the day, some meds, and some breathing treatments. We will get one more final report from the doctor tomorrow, but all the other tests came back perfectly fine, so we’re praising the Lord his heart is healthy. It was a long, stressful, emotional day, and I for one am glad it’s over. I’m super thankful that it’s not more serious than it is, and that he’s gonna be just fine, and relatively quickly. I’m also super thankful that both of our parents live here in town, and that I completely trust Emerson with them. I can’t imagine going through something like this, if we lived away from family!

Jeff will stay home from work tomorrow to rest a little more, and then he should be mostly fine in the next day or two. He just needs to watch what he does physically, and not overdo it too soon.

Please keep him in your prayers over the next few days. We appreciate it so much!

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