Family Fun Day

Today was a full, busy day, spent with lots of family! Nita came over around 7:25am, and her and Jeff hit the road by 7:45, to go pick up the boys for their spring break. I made a mini egg & cheese & salsa burrito for me, and scrambled eggs for Emmie. But of course she needed a few bites of Mommy’s food, but she wanted to take a bit out of the side, instead of the end, like a little maniac! Twice!

She got tired of sitting in her high chair, so she ate the second half of her eggs at the coffee table, sitting/standing on my leg.

Then we played in her room for a bit. She did some reading while I folded and put away her hamper full of clean clothes.

Then my parents came over. I got a shower and got dressed, and Grammy got to pick out Emmie’s outfit for the day. And I absolutely loved it! She also had this same dress in a newborn size. I used it to announce her name once we decided in April 2017, and then she wore it when she was just two weeks old in July 2017! So I loved seeing her wear the bigger size “again” now, at 21 months old!

Then Papa and Emmie left in the Jeep (which of course she was excited about), and me, Mama and Grandmommie went to the quarterly women’s ministry event at my sister’s church. My mom’s best friend, “Aunt” Jane, also met us there. We had small appetizers for snacks today, which were all really yummy. I just wanted more of them!

Meanwhile, Papa and Emerson were doing do much fun stuff all around town! She met the Easter bunny at Bass Pro Shop, which she was a little leary of, but not completely terrified like Santa a few months back. They also went to the Florida History Museum downtown, and fun walking around (and surfing!) there.

After the event, we all met back at my house, where we got Emmie down for her nap, and we just sat around talking for a couple of hours while she slept. We talked about some of the most random things, and we laughed so much. I love my family! After her nap, we had some quiet drawing time while she slowly woke up and she drank a ton of her Sprite from her Chick-fil-A kids meal Papa had gotten her. Then Grandmommie got some loves, and she headed home, and the four of us went to the Bealls outlet over here on my side of town, on West Tennessee Street. And guess what I found?! Four more of the candles I got yesterday! I spotted one large one, then my mom spotted three more, and handed me another large one. She spotted two small ones, and asked if I wanted one, and I told her I wanted both! So I got for more candles, for $27. I’m all stocked up for quite a while now, but I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for them again in the future.

After Bealls, we walked next door to Ross as well. In there, we found two Carter’s brand rompers for Emerson for only $5 or $6 each, and then she found this bus that she just had to have. And I’m sure no one is surprised that Grammy readily agreed to buy it for her! We also picked out a 3-pack of coordinating onesies for the triplets (Meg doesn’t want to dress them in the same exact thing every day, but coordinate them), and so Grammy bought all the things.

After they dropped us back off at home, Emmie had some of her leftover chicken nuggets for a late afternoon snack.

And then we went over to Nana & PopPop’s house, to meet Daddy and the boys! Emerson was ecstatic to see them again, and was just smiling and laughing so much, and following them around everywhere, going back and forth between them. She loves them so much, and really, they’re super great with her.

After eating pizza for dinner, we went on a little walk down their street. Little Miss Independent even held hands with her brothers for a few minutes.

She was parched after our half-mile walk, and needed her own big girl water bottle with a straw to quench her thirst while we hung out on the back porch.

Then we did bathroom. And we had another poop incident. She said it a few times, but since she had pooped right before bath time, I thought she was still just kinda talking about it. But after playing in the water for about 20 minutes, she did actually poop in the tub! And in the three seconds it took for us to realize it, and me to get her out of the tub, she saw it and LOST. HER. MIND.

This happened once before a few months back, and while she was scared of it, she calmed down relatively quickly. Tonight though, she screamed even louder and crazier than the first time, and curled up on me in a tiny ball, and was just absolutely traumatized. She barely even moved for nearly five minutes! And being the bad Mommy and Nana we are, we were actually laughing when it first happened, but then we felt bad, because of how crazy she got! After cleaning it all out, draining & refilling, she still didn’t want to get back in. I made her anyways though, and washed her hair and tiny body as quick as possible.

Don’t worry though, she survived, and was perfectly fine by the time she was dried off, and warm in her jammies. And sharing some sherbet helped too.

She needed a little more water, and half of a banana, before bedtime at home.

And them she wanted her brother Ryan to read her bedtime books, so he did a great job doing that. She kept looking towards the door, so I called Gabe to come join us as well, and then she was content. She actually wanted Ryan to rock her to sleep before bed, but we thought that might be a little much for him. So Daddy scooped her up, which she was not happy about, because she didn’t want her bubba to leave her. But Daddy got her calm quickly, and was able to lay her down after just a few minutes.

And look at this wonderful stockpile of my new favorite candle! I’ve got one of them lit, and I put the others away with my stash in the closet.

Gonna go hang out with the family now!

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