Shoes & Candles

Anybody wanna take a guess what Emerson asked for first thing this morning? A gummy worm, of course!

And she wore some new shoes to school today, which I absolute love! She was very into all the vehicles at school this morning – cars, trucks, busses, helicopters, planes…

Ok now check out all these great lunch time deals I got again today! I had planned to go shopping again on my break, so I ordered an individual pizza from Little Caesar’s app. It’s usually $5 for the pizza & drink, but it was on sale today for only $4!

Then I went to Payless (they’re going out of business and closing all stores), and got some super comfy, light pink Keds for me for $15, and some sandals for Emmie for $7. (I was looking for Easter sandals for me, which I clearly didn’t find, but I’m excited about my little Keds.)

And since I was super fast and had a few extra minutes, I also decided to run in to Bealls outlet really quickly. I’ve only been in there a couple of times before, but they’ve actually got a great little home decor section! I ended up putting the little $10 faux plant back, but I’m kinda wishing I had gotten it. What do yall think? I did however get the candle, and I’m super pumped about it.

Story time – on our honeymoon in Cancun, we stayed at the Westin Lagunamar resort. It was a great place, but it also smelled amazing. All of their little shampoo & lotion samples smelled so good. I stuffed them in my bags every day, so they would leave me more when they cleaned. The entire place smelled like this lovely citrus-y scent, and I swear they must have been just piping it in through the air vents or something, because I never saw candles or plug-ins, or diffusers or anything like that. But it just smelled so good! I was obsessed. You can buy their stuff from Westin’s website, but at $48 per candle, that’s wayyy outta my budget. And so I always look for substitutions or duplicates. And this candle I found today reminds me of that smell, and I love it so much! It was the I only one though, or else I would have probably bought every single one they had! (Already looked, and it’s not on Amazon.) Here’s the view from our honeymoon balcony. Someone take me back, please!?

Anyways, here’s my pizza lunch. I picked it up and took it back to the office, but could only eat three pieces. It was so filling!

After school, Little Miss Independent wanted to try to carry her bag by herself, but it was a bit too heavy. I convinced her to just let me do it, so she could walk freely.

When Jeff got off work, he wanted to go check out the sale at Payless, so Emerson and I stopped for a quick visit with Grammy and Pepaw. She had some snacks, and did some drawing, and even “put on makeup” from Grammy’s makeup bag. She was sad she didn’t get to ride in the Jeep today, but I promised her she’d get to do it tomorrow, so she was ok with that.

Jeff came by their house for a few minutes too, but since they had a super early bed dinner special at like 4:30pm, we went on to dinner without them. We decided to get Arby’s for dinner on the way home, and Emerson and I shared the classic roast beef & cheddar sandwich.

After we got home, we let Pretzel out into the backyard, but he came back in with tons of those little sticker things stuck in his fur. Jeff pinned him down to brush them out of his fur, and Emmie was so sweet laying down in front of him to check on him.

We had a few minutes to draw before bedtime, and Mommy and Emmie made some masterpieces.

Then she had two gummies for her bedtime snack.

Daddy read her night time books, and she went to sleep easily!

I’ve got my new candle lit in front of me on the coffee table, and it smells so. stinking. good!!! If anyone sees this Haven Street Candle Co brand, let me know! Or buy me this aloe and citrus scent and I’ll pay you back! I want about a billion of them.

I’m going to read for 20 or 30 minutes while Jeff plays a video game (my current library e-book expires Monday, and I’m only 26% in, so I gotta hurry!), and then I’m sure we’ll watch an episode of “Fringe.” I’m taking the night off my cleaning & chores, and must enjoying a calm Friday night!

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