A Monday-ish Tuesday

As much fun as we had at the beach yesterday, today Emmie and I had to go back to our usual schedule. I dropped her off with Miss Kayla this morning, because poor Ms. Q was at home with a sick kid. Drop-off wasn’t perfectly smooth today, and Emmie cried when I left. But, as my mom pointed out, she had three days full of lots of family time, so it was bound to be harder than usual.

She was frustrated here because she couldn’t figure out how to repeat “helicopter.” 🤣

And even though Emerson was a little upset when I left, Miss Kayla sent these breakfast photos, and a note early in the morning, to meet me know she was fine!

Here’s what her caption said: “Emerson calmed down within just a few seconds this morning. She helped me check in her friends on the iPad and gave me multiple high fives because she was so proud of herself! She’s having a great day! -Miss Kayla

Then after breakfast, her and her friend helped clean up! This girl loves a wipe!

Here are her spring photos from school. Honestly, they’re not my favorite (I wish her hair had been combed over!), but she’s still cute. If Aunt Meggie hadn’t been out on maternity leave she could have fixed her hair and gotten her to smile her big cheesy toothy grin. But, oh well!

And her class photo!

And two more photos from today at school…

Lunch today was leftover chicken and rice, and Kindle reading.

In today’s triplet news, look at these beautiful newborn photos! Megan and Bo already shared a bunch on their Facebook, but these soft, pretty ones are some of my faves so I just had to share them too!

Jeff and the boys saw “Captain Marvel” this afternoon, and picked up Emerson on their way home. That meant I got to come straight home from work, and so I got home a little over 30 minutes earlier than normal. And Jeff’s mom got to our house right as I did too, so she could stay with the kids, while we went to a ministry dinner at the church. I whipped up a super fast dinner for them, got them sitting down at the table, and then we snuck out quietly.

Here are Nana’s photos from the night. They went on a walk up & down our big hill, and then down the side street as well. They found some abandoned kittens on the dead end street, and came home to get some water and (dog) food for them. (It appears someone left two small-ish kittens there on purpose, with bowls & crate, and one even has a harness. Jeff will probably call the shelter tomorrow about someone coming to pick them up.)

Nana got Emmie in bed right on time, and told us how much she loved her sleepy night time cuddles. We got home a little after 9:15pm, and are just hanging out with the boys now. Gonna snack on some of their leftover movie theater popcorn, and watch some random YouTube videos together before reading and bedtime.

But man, did this Tuesday feel like a Monday, or what?!

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