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Emerson took a shower this morning before church (like a big girl), and so she was looking very fresh and beautiful. And Addison looked adorable in a new dress today!

I was on nursery duty this morning at church, so I helped get all the little toddlers checked into their class, but then when there weren’t any itty-bitty babies in my class, I slipped into the very last row of the church right as the sermon started. I also really liked this quote Pastor Brian shared today from Tim Keller, which  said, “Christian tolerance isn’t about not having beliefs. It’s about how your beliefs lead you to treat people who disagree with you.”

We picked up some Chinese take-out and went home to eat lunch. I told Emmie she needed to nap today, and I rocked Addie to sleep, and loved these sweet cuddles.

While the girls and Jeff were all napping, I decided to watch Netflix and do some Bible journaling. I hadn’t done this in almost years, but my mama gave me some cute stickers last week, and a song from church this morning inspired me to do a few pages this afternoon. This one was my favorite.

I finished up the series finale episode of “Firefly Lane” this afternoon, and that had be absolutely sobbing. So then I laid down to sleep that off… Then when Emerson woke up, we had some activities to do. Grammy also got us some water bottle stickers this past week, so we could both decorate our new bottles. I got her a new one for summer camp, and Nana got me a new one for Mother’s Day, and picking out the right stickers together was a serious ordeal.

While Addie was still napping (for like 3 hours!), after we finished the water bottle stickers, we decided we would use some of them (since we had what seemed like 200 stickers still) to do a little bit of scrapbooking/journaling, like the TikToks we like to watch again. Emerson also really wanted me to make a TikTok of our own while we were working, and kept telling me “Mommy, video me doing this part. Mommy, video me putting this sticker on…” And this was a fun little project!



Addie Pie finally woke up after her long nap, and was so sweet and cute and sleepy still.

And then when she came into the living room and saw some of our supplies, Addie wanted to do some journaling herself. (You can see some of the stickers I chose on my new bottle in the background there.)

And then after taking all those videos, and editing together the little TikTok video, my phone started dying after all that usage. So I plugged it in there by the couch, and didn’t end up taking any photos the rest of the night! We had a hodge-podge of leftovers for dinner, and then I spent a long time washing up a huge load of dishes that had been piling up for a few days. Then I did Emmie’s bedtime routine (we read a lot tonight), and Jeff rocked Addie to sleep.

We had a late Walmart grocery pick-up tonight, so after we got the girls in bed, Jeff ran out to pickup the groceries, while I’ve been writing this and watching a true-crime documentary on Netflix. Gonna go put away all the groceries now, since I just heard Jeff get back home, and then we’ll probably watch our usual travel YouTube “friends” that we follow.

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