Pizza Picnic in the Park

We had a great Friday today as a little 4-fam, taking it much more slowly than last weekend, which was so super busy. We had some orange rolls for breakfast, then got dressed and ready to go.

Jeff had some computer work to do at a family friends house this morning, so all of us went over together. She had coloring books and crayons for the girls, and gave them lemon pound cake on pretty china, and they felt so fancy.

Next up, we went to East Hill Baptist Church, to pick up Emerson’s summer camp essentials, and take a tour of the facilities! Back in my own childhood, Megan and I (and my cousin Aaron) all went to East Hill Summer Day camp every summer for like 6 or 7 years, and we loved it. I’m so excited to send Emerson there now too!

While we were out, and on a different side of town than usual, we went back to Habana’s Cuban boardwalk (for only my second time), and it was a really nice lunch together.

Then I apparently forgot to take any pictures for the next six hours… But we weren’t really doing much then, except we did all take naps, and Emmie and I hung out together, and just kinda lazed around for a while. We needed to do an Amazon return at Kohl’s for the lady from this morning, so we picked up some pizza and had a little picnic in the park at Cascades, and it was so lovely.

But first, check out this quick video of what my car is doing… Jeff did some more research and stuff today, and one of the issues could have been an old key fob. So we drove with the other one tonight to test it out, but it still did that random continuous honking thing, for like a full minute, while we drove to the park laughing and apologizing to the cars in front of us that couldn’t hear us apologizing. So we’re still a little unsure what’s going on, but we’ll look into it more tomorrow.

By the time we finally got back home, it was super late, so we got started on bedtime right away. Both girls were wired though, and it took quite some time to get them both calmed down and ready to actually sleep. Addison actually freaked out when I laid her down, and Jeff had to go back in and grab her, and so he’s still holding her now. We’ll have to try to lay her down again soon, and hopefully she actually sleeps.

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