Sick Day

Yesterday afternoon, Addie started getting sick, and threw up a few times. So we set up this little blow-up bed she slept in for vacation, and Jeff slept in the living room next to her on the couch. She did end up throwing up about three more times during the early morning too… So Jeff took Emmie to camp, and I stayed home to take care of this sick baby girl.

She was so sick and pitiful and tired and not feeling well. By 9am, she was already ready for her first nap. She specifically asked to sleep in Mommy’s bed, and wanted me to lay down with her, so I read a little bit first, and then ended up falling asleep myself. She was kind of in and out of it all day, barely just drinking little sips of water here and there, but not eating anything. And she ended up throwing up about two more times during the day.

She had another nap in the afternoon, and I washed dishes while she slept. Finally around 4:30pm, I got her to take some motrin, which we had been trying to do all day. Then about 20 minutes after that, she started perking up, and acting much more normal. By that point, it had been about 26 hours since that first throw up, so I think maybe she was getting over it. So around 5pm, she kept saying she was hungry (she hadn’t eaten even one bite of anything since Sunday breakfast the day before), so I made her a piece of toast. I also finally got her to drink some Gatorade, and I think that helped a lot too.

She had been laying on me, and having me hold her, or sleeping on me, for almost the whole day. But once she started feeling better, she was up and moving and playing on her tablet a little bit, and wanted to watch “Frozen.” Up until then, she felt so bad she didn’t want to watch anything, just the “sleepy songs” we put on at night time. So once she was finally up and around a little bit, I got a little bit of time to work on my puzzle.

Jeff picked up Emmie from summer camp, and I made chicken Caesar wraps with french fries for dinner. I knew Addie couldn’t eat that, but since she had done really well with the toast from earlier, I also let her try two mini muffins. And then for dinner, she had one scrambled egg, and one chicken nugget. And then two more mini muffins after that. And with all the food and the Gatorade, I think she had finally turned a corner.

The girls actually played together for a little bit after dinner, and Addison seemed almost back to her normal, but sleepy self. Emerson was also super sleepy after a very busy day of swimming and playing and running around at camp. Bedtime went really quick and easy, since both were so sleepy, and I actually fell asleep next to Emmie in my bed for a bit too.

We’re keeping Addie out on the blow-up bed in the living room again tonight, so Jeff can sleep on the couch next to her again, just in case. But I feel like she’s probably okay now. But we’re still keeping her home from school again tomorrow, so I know she’ll have a good day with Daddy tomorrow.

To end tonight’s post, here’s our little one-second-every-day mashup video for the month of June!


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