Splash Pad Play Date

Did a little bit of red, white & blue in our outfits today, to start the holiday celebrations at daycare and summer camp.

And hooray for Addie finally making it back to school today! She had a fun July 4th party with festive foods, and then they did a little parade around the school with her class and their hats and their noisemakers and such.

She found these Bluey glasses in her floorboard when I picked her up from school, and she was very excited to wear them all the way home.

Nana picked up Emmie early from camp today, to go hang out with one of the little girls from their church. They went to the splash pad at Cascades Park together, and had a great time! Nana treated Emmie to Chick-fil-A for an early dinner, and then brought her home to us, not too long after we got home ourselves.

While I was in the kitchen tonight working on dinner, these cuties set up a little “fort” in dining room, and laid side-by-side on their matching Kindle tablets. They actually “packed” that Yoda suitcase for their “travels,” and filled it with a few toys.

I baked some more chicken nuggets, and then doused mine in this garlic parm sauce, and made a wrap with a bunch of lettuce and sweet pickles. I know that probably sounds like an odd combo, but it was delicious. The whole meal was kind of a last-minute idea when I didn’t feel like doing “real” cooking, and this turned out so good I wanna repeat it again asap.

Look at this beautiful puzzle I completed last night. I actually thought this one was going to take me a lot longer, but it only took about a week or so. And Emerson reminded me to try to pick it up before we took it apart, and she volunteered to take this picture for me!

Emmie needed a quick shower after dinner, so Jeff got the kitchen cleaned up a little bit for me, while I got Emmie in the shower and helped squeeze the conditioner and then got her wrapped up in her towel. She got dressed, and we wrapped up her hair. Then she helped me whip up a box mix of strawberry cake. I got “volun-told” to make my “infamous” patriotic cake for our family celebration tomorrow, because my 8-months-pregnant-sister really wanted a strawberry cake! (Here are a few past times I’ve made similar cakes: one, two, three, and a dino cake from the same recipe. So that was 4 times in 3 months in 2020. I’ve made it more since then, but that was the start of things back then.)

We made just the cake part tonight, and we’ll make some homemade icing tomorrow, and then top it with a bunch of strawberries and blueberries, to make it very patriotic and festive.

Addie was still eating dinner, long after all the rest of us had finished, like she always does.

My big girl was very tired after her fun play date at the splash pad this afternoon, with her little pink, sun-kissed cheeks and new tan lines on her shoulders, and was sound asleep in no time flat.

After I got Emmie down, I came back to the living room and found Addie still wide awake, watching a home renovation YouTube video with Daddy, and just talking all about it. So I hope she’s fallen asleep while I’ve been writing this, so we can get her down to bed now too!

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