When we got to school this morning, Addie found this piece of bush and said, “This looks like a sweeper!”

Emmie went back to VBS, followed by East Hill, and she said she had a great day at both of her places! When I picked her up this afternoon, she said, “I wish Adam & Eve wouldn’t have eaten the fruit from the tree.” So I replied, “Yeah me too, but…” and as I was still replying, she was saying the same thing I was, “That someone still would have done it eventually.” She’s so smart, and I know she’s soaking up all that good Bible knowledge like a little sponge!

And Addie’s little class did some green paintings today in class.

I scrounged up some random stuff from home for my lunch today, and rounded things out with an Emergen-C to drink, to hopefully help with this little bit of sickness I’ve still got going on. The rice was okay, but that burrito was actually really good.

I’ve been listening to Gavin Degraw’s debut album “Chariot” on repeat this week, after seeing his announcement that he’s releasing a re-recorded version in the fall, 20 years after it first came out. I actually remember hearing the song “Chariot” while I was working my very first ever job at Benjamin Franklin Crafts (where Home Goods is now), when I was 16 years old, the summer after my sophomore year of high school. I heard the song while working and loved it so much, and listened to it on repeat. And then “I Don’t Wanna Be” was the theme song on one of my all-time favorite tv series, “One Tree Hill.” I was obsessed with this album all during high school, and can’t wait to hear it re-done!

We had a really bad lightning and thunderstorm all around town this afternoon. It actually knocked out the power at church! And although the power came back on, the a/c unit in the main sanctuary was still out, so adult prayer meeting was cancelled. So we went by Charley’s for some cheese-steaks for dinner, and everything was so good. Emmie loves their kids chicken philly, and she ate every single bite of it.

After dinner, I did actually drop Emmie off at church, because the other parts of the church were functioning normally, so all the kids classes were fine. I sent Jeff to Aldi to get the chicken I needed yesterday, so I can start the crock-pot tomorrow morning for tomorrow’s dinner. And I went home to wash dishes really quickly, then went back to church to hang with Meg for a few minutes, before taking Emmie back home.

We did the girls’ usual bedtime, just a little later than normal, and we got them to sleep pretty easily.

And so now it’s time to get back to my puzzle again! This is what I finished up last night, which may not look like much, but I was feeling good about how much I was able to fit together, in this slightly difficult-level puzzle!

We did finish watching “Damsel” last night, and it was so good! If you like fantasy, dragon movies or books, you should definitely watch it. Also, I’ve been watching the Netflix docu-series about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and it’s been really interesting.

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  1. celesteflewisgmailcom

    I finished the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders documentary a few nights ago. I was glued to it! I used to watch their try-outs on CMT every season. Enjoy!

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