Tree Snack

We met up with Grammy again at daycare this morning, to drop Addie off at school, and for Emmie to go to VBS with Grammy again today. We got there first, and they were very excited to see Grammy drive up in her red Jeep.

And when I got back to my car, Mom had left these little treats waiting for me, balanced precariously on my door handle. A friend of hers from church makes this snack mix, and she brought me a bag, and it was soo good.

And Emmie had another good day at VBS. She made the tree of the knowledge of good & evil with her snack today. She also got a new VBS shirt too.

And just one little picture of Addie doing some playtime  with her friends.

My sinuses started bothering me this afternoon, with some pressure and congestion, so I had some hot tea to try to help make me feel a little better.

I had planned to make a crockpot chicken & gravy recipe this morning, but when I pulled my frozen chicken out, I realized I only had two small pieces, which would just not be enough… So I just put everything back, and didn’t make it. And instead we just had cereal. Jeff had run to Publix last night when we realized he left the coffee creamer on the counter all day long, so while he was there he also picked up some BOGO Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So that worked out perfectly actually. And we just watched Kung Fu Panda and had a picnic in the living room.

And I worked on my puzzle a little bit while we watched the movie. Addie got curious and wanted to “help” so I let her pick out a few of the pink and blue sky pieces to gather together.

Jeff was outside working on his car while we were eating cereal and doing puzzles. Then I got the girls into the bath, and got them ready for bedtime. Jeff got cleaned up and came to cuddle Addie Pie, and I got started on bedtime with Emmie Girl.

Last night, Jeff and I started watching “Damsel” on Netflix, and got a good way through, and only have about 30 minutes left. But of course I fell asleep last night before we could finish, so we’ll finish that up now that I’ve written this quick little post.

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