Cute little purple girls together at school this morning.

And our trippies came up right at the same time again today too! Addie also had her bathing suit on for water day, and kept lifting up her little shirt to show all the family members.

So I haven’t shared the news here yet, but last Friday at work, I found out I got a promotion! I interviewed for it about a month ago, and found out last week, and it was effective last week as well. So this week, I’ve hit the ground running! It’s a slight step up from my old position, doing a lot of the same stuff I did before, only now I’ll be supervising my own little team of three people. And one of my first tasks will be to hire a new person to fill my old now-vacant spot, so that’s something new I’ve got to work through. I’m very thankful for this new opportunity, and excited for these next steps!

So today, my work bestie Heather surprised me with some “congrats on your promotion” goodies, and a fun little Dr. Suess card. And then she also took me out to lunch at Pedro’s Tacos, for some absolutely delicious Mexican food.

After lunch, a group of us all teamed up to order BOGO drinks from the Starbucks app, and then a few people went out to pick them up for us. I got a cinnamon dolce latte (or something like that), and it was really good, especially for only $3!

Emerson started up another session of gymnastics today. This round is only 6 weeks or so during the summer, so it’ll be a quick few weeks. Nana picked her up early from East Hill to get her there on time at 5pm, and then I went straight there after work. She was a teensy bit out of practice, after having roughly a two-month break, but she was excited to get back into it.

Jeff picked up Addison from school today, and they killed a little bit of time in the shoe store, trying on random shoes and hats, waiting on gymnastics to finish up.

Then we met up with Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Keith at Thai Kitchen for dinner! I had been really craving this chicken noodle bowl this whole week, and absolutely couldn’t wait any longer. It’s really close to their house, so when I thought about going, I immediately thought of them, and asked if they wanted to join us, and of course they did. And we had a really nice dinner with them, and this bowl perfectly hit the spot.

After dinner, my big girl and I wanted to do some Friday night shopping in Home Goods. So Jeff and Addie went home (she was getting a little bit cranky), and Emmie and I wandered the aisles, and sniffed candles, and found ourselves a few things to purchase. We did pick out a candle (of course we did, I always like to keep a stash in the closet, because I light them basically every night), and we found tiny folding beach chairs for the girls.

Both girls were super exhausted by the time we got started on our bedtime routine tonight, around 8:30pm, so they were both easy to get to sleep.

And now it’s time to work on my puzzle a little bit more 😊

Slow, but steady progress…

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