Big Girl Sleep-away Summer Camp!

Emmie was looking very much like a big girl in her new big girl booster seat, on her way to church for big girl sleep-away summer camp!

Jeff took her to the church this afternoon, for all the kids to meet up for the van ride to camp. Her put her new little booster seat in the van, and she packed all her stuff up.

Her sweet little best friend Daisy is also going to camp, and Daisy’s mom Sarah Beth is actually the girl-chaperone for the trip. I was so glad when Sarah Beth told me she was going, that put me at ease a bit, knowing she’d always be close by to keep her eye on Emmie, and to give her a hug if she needs it.

Made myself an afternoon cappuccino in my new Gilmore Girls mug, and now you can see the other side of the mug with all the other cute little pictures.

Jeff went and picked Addison after school today, and they went to Taco Bell for a quick dinner before church. I stayed a little late at work, then went by Jimmy John’s to get a wrap for dinner. I ate in the car listening to my audio book, and then headed on to church for worship team rehearsal and prayer service.

After church, Addie was so sweet and silly and playful when we got home, but she was missing her sissy and wondering where she was. She snuggled Mama on the couch while watching Bluey, and then hunkered down on the pillow and promptly fell asleep.

During our prayer service, we prayed specifically for our families – spouses, children, siblings, parents, etc – but I basically just spent almost that whole time praying for Emerson at camp these next few days. Friends, will you say a prayer for her too, please? I just hope she has the best time learning about Jesus and enjoying her first ever summer camp experience!

Edited at almost 11pm to add this pic I grabbed from the GC Kids IG page tonight!

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  1. celesteflewisgmailcom

    Praying for Emerson’s camp trip. She looks so happy and like such a big girl! Nothing like church camp!

    1. Thank you for your prayers for her! I always loved church camp SO much growing up. Such special memories for me, and I know they will be special for her too!

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