Fish Tacos

I went to work super early this morning for some overtime (I literally swiped by badge into the building at like 6:58am), so I enjoyed a delicious Toasted Coconut iced latte from The Frother’s Daughter for a little Thursday morning treat.

Jeff took Addie to school again today since I went into the office so early, and they got some chicken mini’s on the way, for their Thursday morning treat.

And then I got a text and a photo from my friend Sarah Beth of her and Emmie this morning, saying they were ready for a great day at camp!

Addie worked on using scissors at school today, and also did a little bit of painting.

After work, I picked up my baby girl, and then we met up with my parents and Grandmommie a Island Wing Company for dinner. I ordered grilled fish tacos with a side of jalapeno ranch on the side for my fries. And these were literally some of the best fish tacos I’ve ever had! I really loved that pesto aioli sauce drizzled on top.

It was a yummy dinner, and we had a really nice time, but my word, it was so loud in there! (And yes, I am 90 years old…)

Addie made herself a little to-go bag, by stuffing in the last few bites of chicken nuggets and a handful of fries, into a silverware package. She did in fact bring it home, but didn’t actually eat any more from it.

Meg took the triplets over to hang out with Uncle Bo at kids camp tonight after work, to stay there for the rest of camp, so I also got a picture of her and Emmie tonight!

We headed back home to Daddy after dinner, and got ready for Addie’s bedtime and the rest of the evening… I keep needing to wash some dishes, and keep putting it off. So tonight, I’m finally gonna do it. I’m gonna do it…

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