Claw Clips & Cookies

I actually got to sleep in for the first time in forever… But only because I had a terrible migraine. So that wasn’t great, but Jeff took care of the girls and let me sleep until 10am. Then I sat around hanging out with the girls a little, before we finally got up and started cleaning the house.

Emmie found a fun oldies cleaning playlist for us while we worked. Then while Emmie and I cleaned inside, Addie kinda ran around whining for a bit, and Jeff was outside mowing the yard. I scrounged up some random things for the girls for lunch, and then before we knew it, tiny baby sister was super sleepy and ready for nap time.

Emerson and I then ran a couple of quick errands to the Dollar Tree to pick up some stuff for her for summer camp next week, and then Walmart for our grocery order pickup. And the clouds just looked so white and fluffy.

Emmie really wanted us to stop at Dunkin because she wanted a strawberry refresher. But I promised her I could make her a special drink at home instead. So I mixed store-brand sprite with some leftover Snapple, plus half a packet of the pink lemonade powder mix, and she loved it. I also got this cute little lemon glass from Dollar Tree today, and she thought her drink was even more special in my new glass. And of course I had to make myself an iced coffee too. Obviously she liked it, since she had already sucked down half of it by the time I took the picture.

Addie took a nice long nap, and finally woke up feeling a little better, after being so whiny this morning. The girls were wearing matching outfits today, and looking so cute. They picked these color-changing t-shirts as their souvenir’s from our West Virginia trip. They’re the kind of shirt that the color shows up out in the sunshine, so we had to take these “before” pictures….

And then we went out into the sunshine, with their shades on, so we could really get a good look at how cool they look out in the sun. And they were so excited about them!

Also, we got some cute little hair clips from the Dollar Tree today, and she really looked so grown up with this little hair style.

Then we went over to Nana & PopPop’s house for another early Father’s Day meal. But first, bubbles!

Cheesy chicken & rice casserole, green beans, caesar salad and corn on the cob with rolls for dinner, and everything was delicious.

A little bit of play time, and a little time with Emmie making cookies with Nana, before bath time.

Also, I found this word search at Nana’s house tonight, picked it up and asked, “Did you get this for me?” And she was like, “No, it’s for a friend who’s having surgery this week.” But I was like “Um, did you realize the entire thing is Taylor Swift themed?” But she had no idea! So she said I actually could have it after all, and she’d get her friend a new one. 🤣

After bath, they both rushed downstairs, and as I was starting to say, “You can have a cookie if you let me brush your hair first.” But when I rounded the corner, I found them already getting into it!

Bedtime was quick and easy when we got home, since it was a little late and they were already sleepy. I’ve been distracted writing and watching Netflix at the same time (which I do every single night, but tonight I just can’t focus), but now that I’m finally wrapping up, I’m going to keep watching my show, and re-do my nails.

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