Hot Dog Flight

Emerson wore her cute little Mirabel dress to camp today, for dress-up day during Disney week. When I asked her about it at the end of the day, she said, “There were so many Mirabel’s in my group, they couldn’t keep us straight!” Apparently, there were three of them all wearing this dress today in her little group of 20 or so kids.

Addison spent the day with Grandmommie again today, and watched some Bluey wearing her safari hat, and then after a good lunch, fell asleep again for a nice long nap.

Meggie and I met up at Riccardo’s for a sister lunch today, with delicious shared bruschetta, secret bread and pasta.

I picked up Emerson from school, and then went out to Grammy & Papa’s house for an early Father’s Day dinner for Papa. Meg, Bo & the trips had already been there swimming for a while, so Emmie threw on her suit and jumped in right away. Addie wanted to just watch, so we stood out there for a few minutes, until we got too hot and had to go back inside in the a/c.

We had a hot dog and sausage dog bar for diner, with like 15 different toppings. I couldn’t decide which combos I wanted to go with, so I cut my two dogs in half, dressed them all differently, and had myself a little hot dog flight.

The girls made a little camp out spot in the corner of the living room and play for a bit after dinner. And then Papa opened his presents we brought for him.

As Meg was rounding up all of their things, Ellie came up to us like this, wearing my sunglasses, swinging my keys around, acting like she was just too cool for school, saying, “I think I’ve got everything I need, I’ve got this stuff.”

Emmie talked my ear off the entire 30-minute ride home, and then was finally super sleepy when it was bedtime at home. Addie on the other hand wanted to just stay up watching tv with Daddy, but I do think she’s finally given up and fallen asleep by now.

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