Beanie Baby

Another day of camp for my biggest girl, with a big smile on her face, and a tiny round sloth to take with her 😉

Grandmommie has been amazing helping us take care of Addison this week. But she had an appointment today, so Jeff and I tag-teamed the day ourselves. I stayed home with Addie Pie this morning, and while some biscuits were baking, I also washed some dishes, and my poor sick little patient fell asleep on the couch.

She woke up after only about 30-40 minutes though, and once she was fully up and moving, she was feeling so much better! She wanted to get up and play around the house, and asked for beans for lunch. So I just warmed up some green beans and she ate and played in the food truck. I kept calling her my little Beanie Baby, because this girl really does just love herself some beans!

I was a little late sharing my May reading wrap-up, since we were away on vacation, but I finally got around to it today.

Jeff worked this morning while I was home with Addison; then we switched places and he came home for the afternoon while I went to work for a few hours. I picked up Emmie afterwards from camp, and we headed home for an easy, chill night. We had pizza for dinner, and then got the girls in the bath, and then they had popsicles for dessert. (Jeff stuck Addie’s in the piece of cardboard, hoping to help with drips. I’m honestly not even sure if it worked or not.)

And Emmie was still hungry, so she had some chips, and then even shared those with Addie as well.

It’s been so great seeing Addie slowly get better today, and even more so seeing these two cutie sisters loving on each other like this at bedtime.

Emmie was exhausted and fell asleep quickly, at a good time tonight. Addie is still watching random yard-mowing videos with Jeff, as she wasn’t quite ready to fall asleep. So I’m going to just watch some Netflix myself, and have a chill evening.

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