Looks Like Heaven

Emmie was so cute and adorable in this outfit, with her fancy little hair-do I did today, ready for another fun day at camp! And loaded down with all of her little extras to take with her for the day.

We also took Addie back to the pediatrician today, and she confirmed (based on sores in her throat) it’s a viral infection, that might take 7 days to clear. But she thinks she should be over the worst of it by this point.

And then I took her back to Grandmommie for the day, and of course she fell asleep on the way there.

But she did have a good day with Grandmommie. Her fevers broke a little bit today, and for the first time since Saturday, she didn’t feel super hot to the touch. Grandmommie also got her to eat the most amount of food she’s had in days as well, and then she passed out for a good ole couch nap.

I picked up Emerson from summer camp, and then her and I had a little dinner date at Chick-fil-A before heading to church. We had a mission team go to Alaska last week, so they did their special report tonight to share about their trip.

Jeff got Addie from Grammy and Grandmommie, and they just picked up Taco Bell on the way home. Addie was sleepy at first, but then once the meds kicked in again, she perked up and ate her beans & rice and a little bit of a taco.

When we pulled out of the church tonight, the sky looked so beautiful. Emerson said, “It actually looks like heaven!”

When we got home from church, Addison actually got up and ran to the door to hug us and welcome us and it was the best thing to see her up and acting more like her usual self! She was still sweet and playful for a little wile we hung out a little and got ready for bed, and I was so happy to see her starting to get back to normal. We’re just planning already to keep her out of school the rest of the week, and really, really praying that by Saturday she’ll be totally back to normal.

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