Superhero Dad

Sweet baby girls, both back at church on a Sunday morning for the first time in a while, after vacation and sickness. And today was Father’s Day, so they were very excited to go to breakfast with Daddy, for “Hotcakes with my Hero” in GC Kids before church.

Apparently, our superhero last name is Oreo, so we’re Captain Oreo, Detective Oreo, Mega Oreo, and Major Oreo.

Addie with her little bestie in their toddler class, doing some art.

Superhero theme all day with fun backdrops for photo spots too.

It started raining on the way to lunch, and Addie had to wait for Mommy to come rescue her with an umbrella since Daddy didn’t have one.

Jeff chose to go to Masa for his Father’s Day lunch today, as he’d actually never been there before. When we got there, we were surprised to find they had a special lunch buffet happening, and kids ate free. It was a little pricier than we would have normally spent for lunch, but the Masa buffet is not a typical buffet, and it was amazing and delicious.

We literally all crashed at home for nap time, totally stuffed from lunch, and very ready to take a rainy afternoon nap. It was like 5:30 by the time everyone was awake again, and we were just super chill and lazy for a little bit. Then I just made up some scrambled egg sandwiches for a light lunch, since we had such a huge dinner. We were watching “The Parent Trap” the whole time, and the girls were building pillow forts.

Both girls are now having a hard time falling asleep, even though it’s almost 9:30pm already. So I’m heading back into the living room to help calm everyone down, and hopefully get them both to sleep quickly and easily now.

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