Drinking from the Water Hose

My two beauties were ultra sweet before church this morning, in their cute little matching dresses. Emmie accessorized with her cross beads from camp, and Addie found her sunnies to wear.

And then in church, Addie was matching with her little bestie, both of them with their chef hats and aprons, and even the white sandals.

We decided to get some Chinese food from the Publix deli for lunch. We got two big meals and split it all up to share, and it was really quick and easy and yummy.

We got Addie down for a nap right after 1pm, and Emmie just had some quiet time in her room. On days she doesn’t want to nap, I made her do at least 30 minutes of “quiet time,” where she can choose to color, journal or read, but she has to sit still and rest and no electronics. And she just looked so cute, all cozy in the little nest she made by her bookshelf, full of blankets and stuffies.

We let Addie sleep for a couple of hours, then we packed up our bathing suits and towels, and went over to Grammy and Papa’s house, for an afternoon swim in another heat advisory, followed by some simple sandwiches for dinner. Please just tell me why my baby girl looks so grown up!

And I taught Emmie how to drink from the water hose! It’s been so stinking hot, that the pool water wasn’t even super cool, so Papa turned on the hose to put in the pool, to add more cold water. So we were playing around with it, and I told Emmie we always grew up drinking water straight from a hose in the backyard while we played outside. So I taught her to do the same thing, and she just thought it was so cool.

We stayed and had dinner and some banana bread for dessert, and then hung out chatting and playing for a while. Both girls were totally exhausted on the ride home. Emmie fell asleep about halfway home, and Addie finally gave in just a few minutes away from home.

Both girls were very easy to get to bed after an episode of Bluey, and both fell asleep very quickly. I had been working on this puzzle during nap time this afternoon, and got it almost completely finished. So I’m going to put some of my nail wraps on really quickly, and then finish up my little puppy & kitty children’s puzzle 🤣

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