Curly Girl

Today was just kind of regular old day, and I’m feeling the pregnancy-tired big-time tonight, plus I barely took any photos today, so this’ll be short & sweet…

They’re learning all about outer space & rockets at school this week, and she painted a rocket today.

I had a pizza lunchable today, and texted this photo to my sister saying, “This tastes exactly like summer camp at East Hill in elementary school.” She responded saying, “OMG that looks and sounds delish.” And it actually was! I added it to my grocery order on a whim a couple of weeks ago then forgot about it, but found it just in time today since I had nothing else to pack for lunch. I might have to order a few more!

This little girl was so sweet playing with her babies and coloring Bible verses while I cooked dinner tonight (and Jeff ran to CVS to pick up meds).

And of course she had to help stir the cheese noodles a little bit.

With all the rain and humidity today, her hair was way curlier than usual, and it was so sweet and precious. I loved it!

Bedtime was a little bit better tonight than last night, thankfully. I washed up a bunch of dishes while dinner was cooking, and then rinsed off tonight’s one pot & one pan, so things are mostly taken care of in the kitchen for now. Like I said earlier, I’m really feeling that pregnancy-tired tonight, so I’ll probably head off to bed soon.

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