Annual Orange Harvest

We started off the morning with scrambled eggs, bagels and coffee (even the tiniest two sips for Emmie), and then we had the busiest day!

First, we went to Esposito’s to get some super cute succulents I wanted for the macramé hanging planters Jeff got me, and we just wandered around for a while looking at all the fun plants.

We had a tiny rest once we got home (I needed to sit and drink water, because I was feeling weird), and then we went outside to finally harvest our oranges for this year! It took us about two hours total, but we got all but the last two oranges off the tree. (Those were bothering us, but they were literally impossible to reach, even with our tools.)

We counted every single orange we picked, and just today alone, we picked 330 oranges!! (Plus, we had about 15 more that Aaron & Mandy picked a few weeks ago.) So as usual, this is obviously wayyyy more than we could want or need, so let me know if you want some, because we’re more than happy to share with anyone and everyone! (Check out the past few years’ harvests, from 2019 and 2020.)

All three of us ate PB&J’s and Dorito’s for lunch, and then while Emmie napped, Jeff and I finished clearing of the orange tree. And then once Emerson woke up, she helped me plant our new tiny succulents.

I think I need to get this girl some sort of orange or orange juice modeling contract with Tropicana or Cuties or Simply Orange. Look at this girl!!!

And then we went to my parents’ house for my family birthday dinner. We had so much fun with all the babies and all the fam, and had a delicious dinner together.

Mama made pineapple teriyaki baked chicken (which was DELISH), with rice and salad and bread, followed by cake for dessert.

We stayed over there a little too late talking and playing, so by the time we got home, this baby girl was absolutely exhausted and you can totally tell by those little tired eyes.

Bedtime went smooth and she was asleep in the blink of an eye, so an easy bedtime was super nice for a change. Today was another great day with family and another great birthday meal and celebration. Oh, I got nice presents tonight too, but don’t have good photos, but it was good stuff. Also, my sister gave me hair cut today too, so now I’m feeling fresh with a new hairdo! Time for some movie-rest-time and snuggles with the hubby, to settle down and relax before bedtime.


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