The Art of Grilling in the Rain

(This post is for Sunday, 1/31/21. After getting Emerson in bed Sunday night, I ended up talking to a friend on the phone for over an hour and fifteen minutes, and then just went to bed and skipped blogging. So here’s the post for Sunday!)

On the way to church, Emerson was like, “Is it OK if I sleep in the car?” We were like, “YES PLEASE have a rest!” So she bundled herself up and closed her eyes… and “rested” for all of 2 minutes. It didn’t last long, but it was adorable and sweet.

She gave me a few sassy poses after church, and then we headed to Zaxby’s for some Zalads. I was craving a salad and veggies, but I still wanted the fried chicken on it too, and it was delicious! 😉

Miss Priss moved her chair over closer to Daddy, but she still couldn’t get close enough, and ended up sitting IN his lap for lunch.

And her and I had on our matching cheetah dresses! (Instead of smiling, she was being a puppy and saying, “woof!”)

Since I forgot to show off all my goodies from my family birthday party Saturday night, here’s what I got from my parents, sister/bro-in-law, and aunt/uncle: Pioneer Woman glasses & placemats, St. Augustine puzzle (where I lived for college), earrings, tea strainer, tea spoon, tea book, and tea!

After all three of us took an after-church afternoon nap, we picked up our weekly Walmart grocery order, and then loaded up in the car to head to Nana & PopPop’s house for one more birthday meal & celebration. We took them a huge bucket of oranges, and even Pretzel came with us.

Emmie very sweetly sang “Happy Birthday” to me about three or four times, and each time it was so adorable. PopPop got her to do it on video once too, and I love it so much!



Since it was raining and we couldn’t exactly play outside, e sat out on the back porch with this little space heater, and let Emmie ride her tiny tricycle around for a bit. And Jeff grilled our steaks out in the rain! He ended up setting up the giant patio umbrella to keep himself and most of the grill covered, so that worked out well. And the steaks turned out delicious!

And we had the most decadent chocolate ganache cake from Publix. Yum!!

However, Tater Tot just wanted the same organic, low-sugar “healthy” chocolate fudge pop like she had when we were there last week. No arguments there though!

And one last “gift haul” from the in-laws: Pioneer Woman pitcher & tray, candle, nail polish, and fancy face masks!

We stayed over there a little later than we planned to, but Emmie was a good girl at bedtime, and she went down for us without too much fuss.

After getting Emmie down, I was texting my friend Abby, and she was like, “Do you have 10 minutes to actually chat?” I said, “of course!” And then we talked on the phone for 1 hour 16 minutes. So obviously we had a lot to say and a lot to share and a lot to catch up on. It was nice chatting with her, so I just put the blog aside for the night, and “spent time” with a friend instead.

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