All the Time & To the Moon

I think Emmie was trying to tell me her head was cold and she needed a hat, but she looks like a tiny model with this pose she’s got going on!

Aunt Meggie and the baby girls will be doing drop-off with us for a few days, and we were so excited to see them this morning!

Emerson even got to stay in the babies’ classroom for a while this morning, and they all had so much fun playing together on the little slide. (When I picked her up after school, she told me they all got in trouble for trying to go down the slide on their knees, but that she only did it after the baby girls did it, haha.)

I am now 24 weeks pregnant. Baby Girl is about the size of an ear of corn, and she can now raise her eyebrows. I thought today would put me at six months, but I think actually next week will be six months. (I get so confused with pregnancy counting sometimes… anyone else have this problem?!)

Look at these cute little smiley faces Emmie and all her cute little friends made in class today.

I made “spaghetti” tonight using ziti noodles (if you can’t tell, I don’t usually like using actual spaghetti noodles), but Emmie said she only wanted butter on her noodles. She actually climbed up on the bar stool while I was finishing “plating” it all up, and as I was sprinkling on the parmesan cheese, she was like, “And what else are you gonna do?” I said, “Well, this is pretty much it. Do you want something else too?” I offered her bread and butter to go with it, but she went and found herself a bag of pretzels instead.

Also, we used my new glasses for ice water at dinner tonight, and we both loved them – good weight and good texture, and they were just so pretty! I decided not to bust out the placemats tonight for the first time on spaghetti night, so those can wait a day or two longer.

Emerson tried a bite of my noodles with sauce, realized she liked it, and then decided she wanted the sauce too. And then she ate every single bite of noodles and meat and cleaned her bowl!



Emmie played in the bathtub for a long time tonight, while I sat next to her and read my Kindle book. She always thinks it’s hilarious how messy her hair is after I towel-dry it after bath time, and always wants to see a picture of it. And really, it IS hilarious!

But look how pretty now that it’s all brushed and looking nice!

I was trying to get her to make sweet smiley faces, and asking her if she liked kitties and puppies and bunnies, and this next one is her pretending do be a bunny. Or at least that’s what I think she’s doing 😉

She was extremely sweet tonight, giving out so many hugs and loves and kisses. We read a sweet book about “You can never run out of love,” and she kept saying, and you can’t run out of hugs and you can’t run out of kisses. And then she gave us each like 20 kisses when it was time to go sleep. I swear she’s the sweetest girl!

And then as I was closing her door and starting to walk down the hallway, she yelled out, “I love you all da time and to da moon!” Her normal saying is always, “I love you all da time!” But I loved her new addition tonight!

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