The Sun is Trying to Wake Up

On the way to school this morning, Emerson said, “Mommy, the sun is trying to wake up. Take a picture of it!” And y’all know of course I did.

Emmie had cried most of the way to school this morning, because we forgot her super cold ice water, but I talked her into calming down, and she was ok by the time we got there. Then she was perfectly happy and we had no issues or whining or crying at drop-off, and she was perfectly fine and goofy!

I had the delicious frittata leftovers for lunch today, but with two pieces of bread instead of one, since all the strawberries were eaten last night, and we had no other fruit in the house to go with it.

And this cutie pie napped for two full hours at school today. When I picked her up she told me her buddies Andrew and William had been picked up from school early today, but that she didn’t want them to leave. I said, “Well who told them they could leave early?” And she said, “I think it must have been their Nana.”

Once we got home tonight, Emmie rode her scooter for a while with Daddy outside, while I made dinner and listened to my audio book inside. I made skillet sautéed chicken and onions (which is super easy and incredibly yummy and our favorite way to eat “plain” chicken), plus a side of noodles and some corn. Super simple, kinda boring, but it was a hit and we were all full and satisfied!

Emmie and Daddy cuddled on the couch watching Paw Patrol after dinner, and I cleaned up the kitchen and washed the dishes. I was proud of myself for getting every single thing washed, while I still had a little bit of energy after cooking dinner.

We got Emmie in bed before 8pm tonight (with only minor whining and protesting), and then Jeff even laid down at 8pm, because he was super tired himself. So of course I’ve lit a candle in the living room, and I’ve got Netflix all to myself for a while before my bedtime!

Tonight’s blog post was short and sweet, and I took the least amount of photos today, maybe ever…? But it was still a good Friday, and I’m looking forward to a 3-day weekend! I’ve got lots of chores and cleaning and projects I want us to tackle (or at least attempt), so I’m hoping we can knock out a bunch of that stuff over the next few days.

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