The Start of Spring Cleaning

Jeff got up early with Emerson today, so that I could sleep later, until the surprisingly “late” hour of 7:30am. (Which IS actually a big deal, since I think Emmie woke up at 5:50 today…) Once I got up and moving, I made egg sandwiches for all three us, and of course my tiny helper pitched in.

We sat back for a while resting and drinking more coffee, and watching random videos on YouTube. We ended up on some super random Russian ballet/folk dancing stuff, and it was really interesting and Emmie loved dancing along to it.

And then we absolute busted our butts doing some major cleaning around the house. You know when you put something down where it doesn’t really belong, and then you put something else with it a few days later, and before you know it, you have a whole pile of stuff where it doesn’t belong? I hope we’re not the only ones that do this… But anyways, we cleaned up sooo many things today, and we were feeling pretty good about the amount of stuff we got done. We also boxed up and loaded up a ton of stuff to donate, so Jeff already took one whole carload of things to drop-off.

We gave Emmie all sorts of easy little chores that she could help us with, and she was honestly SUCH a good little helper. She loaded up our splenda mug and dusted all the things, and carried stuff around the house and helped Jeff with laundry. She would finish one thing, and say, “What else can I do, Mommy?”

We decided to put the giant 3D Harry Potter puzzle on top of the hutch in the dining room, and it looks pretty neat up there. We won’t keep it up there forever I’m sure, but it’s cool for a while at least!

Emmie had last nights’ leftover noodles for lunch, and was so sweet to say, “Thank you Mommy for saving me these noodles for my lunch today.”

Jeff wrapped some twinkle lights around her bed today, and she was a little bit transfixed on them right before naptime. There were super bright though, so we didn’t leave them on past lullabies and Jesus Loves Me.

She didn’t nap very long, so once she got up, she snuggled with us for a few minutes watching our favorite YouTube “friends,” and then we did a little bit more cleaning around the house.

This is one of the rooms we did a lot of cleaning up, that had just random piles of mess and hoopla, but now it looks so nice! (At least, this half of the room; we have a bit more to do on the other half still.)

And then we met up with Grammy and Grandmommie, for Emmie to have a sleepover at their house tonight!

We had met up at Lofty Pursuits, which is about halfway between our houses, and then Jeff and I treated ourselves to an afternoon ice cream date. I got the Mexican hot chocolate and it was so different and delicious. It was like, almost spicy or something, but not quite, and just very good. I only ordered one scoop, but this was so much ice cream!

On the way home, we went through the drive-thru oil change place, to get the oil changed in my car, which was overdue by some months and some miles.

Emmie had fun with her grandparents this evening, playing doctor, eating a Chinese food feast, and getting a pedicure.

Jeff and I did some more work around the house, including putting these last two tiny cabinet doors on underneath the microwave, and a filler piece above the microwave to make it a clean, even line. Although we started the project in June, and “finished” in August, we were really only about 90% finished, but we finally crossed the line tonight, and we’re all done! Took us long enough, right?! Oopsies…

After I did some cleaning, while Jeff was working on the cabinets, this pregnant lady needed a break after being on my feet for so long today. So I grabbed my Kindle and sat in my favorite chair in our pretty, clean, tidy “library” half of the dining room, and kicked my feet up for a few minutes.

We ordered take-out from Bahn Thai tonight, and ran out to pick it up together. We got two appetizers (chicken satay & chicken gyoza) and one entree (Bangkok chicken) to share. We ate all but two of the skewers, and everything was so yummy and I was stuffed. This was a great treat after busting our bums all day!

We started watching a movie while we ate, then cleaned up and did a couple more minor chores, and Jeff’s been studying to teach our Sunday school lesson for tomorrow, while I’ve been blogging. (Side note – Jeff and I have taken leadership of our Sunday school class now, and he will be our class teacher from now on.)

I just got this photo from my Mama, so I hope this means Emmie will be going to sleep soon! Although I know it’s very difficult to go to sleep when all you wanna do is hang out with your Grammy, so, we’ll see…

After all the extreme fatigue and exhaustion for the first 18-20ish weeks of my pregnancy, I’m so glad I got some energy and motivation back finally, so we could get so much done around the house today. Of course I’m al tuckered out now and ready to rest, but I’m glad to feel a little bit more like myself now. Seems like the start of my annual spring cleaning has officially begun!

I’ve got a candle lit (started up a new one toady), and we’re gonna start our movie back up now!

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