Fridge Haul

It was so super cold this morning (literally freezing at 32 degrees, if I remember correctly), but my girl was bundled up and super silly, making all of the funny faces. I actually had to beg her to give me just one sweet little cheese-smile.


And it looks like she had herself a good day at school today! Tonight, she told me all about painting the bear with brown paint using a cotton ball.

OK so way back in the day, my Mom, sister and I always liked to watch “30-Minute Meals with Rachael Ray” and Meg and I always laughed at her because she would go to the fridge and get out like 20 things and try to carry it all in one load from the fridge to the counter. Then tonight, I did that very same thing, with all my frittata ingredients, so I hollered out for Jeff to come grab of pic of me, because Rachael Ray was the first thing that popped into my mind, and I knew my mom & Meg would love it! I was still proud of my fridge haul, haha 🙂

So while I worked on dinner, Jeff took Emmie outside to scoot around the driveway for a while. She’s getting really good at it!



I used my new Pioneer Woman cast iron skillet, which is smaller than my usual one, so I used two less eggs than normal, but made everything else the same, and it was delicious and perfect! I also cut up an entire carton of strawberries for dinner, and of course between the three of us, we ate allll of them. They were so good!

Emerson wanted to play her little “guitar again” tonight, and then she wanted to make cookies with Daddy.

We had a nice long video chat with Nana, and then got ready for bedtime. This was one of the other books she picked from school the other day, and this is also a weird one. But at least this one is less annoying than the bike one we read last night.

She wrapped the blanket around herself like this and declared herself the queen, and then didn’t want to ever take it off. I told her she could play queen again tomorrow night, but that she had to go to sleep now.

She was really clingy tonight, and told me she was scared of monsters. I tried very hard, but sweetly, to convince her that monsters aren’t real, they’re just fake, and that we didn’t need to be scared of anything. She was like, “ok but if there’s monsters, can Daddy get me out da house?” I said, “OK sure baby girl, but there are NO monsters.” And then I reminded her there was a special dinosaur from Grammy & Papa under her bed, and he would keep her safe. She said, “How? He’s not magic!?” I said, “How do you know, maybe he’s magic while you’re sleeping!” And that made her giggle, and then calm down, and then I got her ready for me to leave the room and for her to fall asleep.

Heading off to get myself some milk and cookies now!

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