Where the Wild Things Are

Little Miss Independent justĀ had to zip up her own jacket this morning. I let her work on it for a minute, and she finally got it! (Then tonight, when we video called Grammy and she asked her about it, Emmie was like, “Well it wasn’t tricky like my other one so it was easy.”)

So very proud of herself! And pretty in pink!

Got just one picture of her today, but these sweet little girls look like they were having fun together.

On our way out of the school after work, she wanted to stop by the front room to “check out” a few books from their “library” on our way home. She chose two I’ve never seen or heard of, plus “Where the Wild Things Are,” which is a great one, but we surprisingly don’t have it!

So while I cooked dinner at home, Jeff read Emmie two of the three books that she picked out.


We had homemade pizza and bagged Caesar salad for dinner, but Emmie requested a PB&J and Bugles. So after she finished her dinner, she had herself a pink sugar cookie for dessert again tonight.

We put a waterproof bandaid on top of her stitches, and let her play and splash around in the bathtub for a while. I did bath while Jeff took care of leftovers and kitchen clean-up, but we failed to actually put away all the Christmas tubs & boxes like we wanted to. Maybe tomorrow…?

She chose her own strawberry jammies and we got her hair brushed nicely. She took her “anka-bockick” (antibiotic) and we put fresh Neosporin on her boo-boo. The only book from school that they hadn’t read earlier was “Where the Wild Things Are,” so we read that one tonight, and she loved it. (And I loved it too! It had been a while since I’d read that one.)

But excuse me! Who is this sassy 10-year-old with this little pose and that smile!? I love this photo!

We had a small issue after reading the book, when she didn’t want to listen to us and get really upset when we got stern with her. So she started crying and asking for Grammy. So we got her to calm down and stop crying, then we called Grammy & Papa & Grandmommie. We talked for just a few minutes and then got her down to sleep without too much struggle.

Just a few minutes after we put Emmie to bed, Aaron & Mandy stopped by for a just a few minutes, so they could pick some of our backyard, homegrown, Florida oranges to take back to Missouri with them. We chatted for just a bit, and then they headed out, so they could pack up to hit the road home tomorrow.

I’ve been crying while blogging and watching “Dawson’s Creek” (it’s been a very emotional few episodes all in a row, and I can’t take it!), but now I’m heading to snuggle up on the couch with my hubby and a snack and some tv.

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