Sandwich Supper

So yesterday, she had saved half of her biscuit to eat this morning. But when we went to look for it today, it was gone! Apparently one of her brothers had eaten it yesterday, not knowing Emmie wanted to save it. But ya know what? I don’t think she was too bothered by it, since she got two eat an Oreo instead!


This romper is one of my current faves, and I just think she looks so good in blue 🙂 And there’s just something about her expression in this first photo that I really love!




She’s such a happy, silly little goofball!



Does today’s lunch look familiar? I had the same thing two days in a row, and it was delicious, both times!


Emerson appears to have had a fun day with her friends!





She really loves these new tractors! (And if you look closely, you can tell her shoes are on the wrong feet.)


Look at my precious, tiny, two-week old newborn, from this day two years ago!

When we got home, it was just lightly raining, and Emmie wanted to feel the rain. We’ve done this before, where I just stand at the edge of the carport holding her, and she puts her arm out to feel it. But she was feeling brave and frisky, and wanted to stand in it! Since it was a light rain, with no thunder or lightning (yet), I let her stand there for a few minutes, and she was loving it!

Then we read some books while we waited on Daddy to get home.

Meanwhile, Nana had picked up the boys, to take them over to a friend’s house for a swimming and pizza night, so it was just three of us at home tonight.

Emmie wore her headphones while Jeff made a bunch of noise fixing one of our pocket doors. It wasn’t exactly “broken,” but it was noisy and hard to open & close. But now it slides perfectly! Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to finish putting the trim back on tonight (he had to remove it to get to the sliding hardware), because he needs to go buy a few nails to replace some of the old ones. But it’s a quick fix he can hopefully put back together tomorrow.

Then we had a simple dinner of turkey sandwiches, pretzels, and yogurt! Nana had bought a bunch of extra food when Jeff’s brothers family was here last week, so she sent some of it home with us, including Boar’s Head turkey and Trix raspberry yogurt (which was actually really good!).

Emerson had her Sonny’s leftovers from a few days ago, but when she saw me putting mustard on our sandwiches, she just had to have some too! Her Papa has taught her to love mustard lately, and so she was repeating it, “mustahd, mustahd, mustahd!” so I just put some on her plate, and said she could dip her grilled cheese in it. (Mama, make sure Papa sees this 😉)

We had a really good bath time tonight, with ZERO whining or fussing! Those are still rare around here, so it’s worth mentioning. Half way through, she kept saying “potty, potty,” so I pulled her out and put her on her tiny toilet. She never did anything on it, but she was happy to sit there for a few minutes!

And good grief she’s just so precious, fresh out of the bath, smelling like lavender baby soap, with her hair perfectly combed. I love it!

We read a few books with Daddy, and then she chose him to put her to bed tonight. He’s been back there working on it for about 20 minutes now while I’ve been blogging, so hopefully she’ll let him lay her down soon.

The boys haven’t made it home yet (it’s 8:30 now, but they got a late start swimming tonight because of the thunderstorms), so it’s nice and quiet in the house right now. I’m going to grab one of my library books and read for a little bit, while it’s still peaceful. (I haven’t finished “Educated” yet, but I left it at work, so I’ll start this tonight while at home.)

And then I think once the boys get home, we’re going to go ahead and start “Lost in Space” on Netflix. Jeff and I watched it and loved it back when it first came out, and so we’re just going to make the executive decision to make them watch it and like it too!

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