Sister Library Lunch Date

This little summer-time baby helped me hang up her bag in her classroom, and then we marched next door where her friends and teachers were sharing a room for a bit. Nana got her these new faux Birkenstock sandals (from Old Navy), and they’re so adorable!




These little scooters were all lined up in the grass outside my office parking garage today. Apparently you can rent one (for only 15 cents per minute), and then drop off at any of the designated locations. After seeing these this morning, I actually just happened across an article in my Facebook feed all about it. Apparently, today is Day 1 of a 3-month test pilot program, and there were 1,000 scooters, from 5 companies, placed at 21 locations all over town. After reading through the comments, they’re a bit controversial, but I guess we’ll see how it goes. (Lots of complaints about them being left blocking roads or sidewalks, potential for accidents & injuries, etc, etc…) I think the goal is to reduce car trips, by encouraging people to make shorter trips on a scooter (i.e. to lunch on a work day), so that’s why they’re placed here, surrounded by multiple State buildings. I guess I could ride one to the library one day! haha


On my lunch break today, I picked up Megan from her new office, and took her to the library! After not reading a book for pleasure in roughly 10 years (what!?!), she recently started reading again the past week or so, and finished two books just like week! She had bought those two from Target, then ordered two more from Amazon. But I told her free books from the library was where it’s at. She used to have a library card in high school, so she needed a new one, and I helped her get it today!


I showed her how to use the library’s website to search for & place books on hold, and then we picked out a few books for her to check out today. I was so proud of her. We don’t really have the same taste in books (for example – she likes mostly contemporary love stories, and I generally hate those), but I’m going to try to find a few good titles I’ve loved to recommend to her, to “broaden her horizons,” haha. 😁


I also checked one out while we were there, that I had checked out before, but never got around to reading before it was due, and just happened to see it on the shelf today.


I’m also going to get her signed up for a Goodreads account, so she can keep track of books she’s already read and books she wants to read. And I’m going to help her learn how to borrow Kindle books through the library to read on her iPad. I figure while she’s got the reading bug, we’d just dive right into the deep end to keep the ball rolling!

On the way back to her office, she was telling me so many funny stories about her new coworkers. My particular favorite was about a lady who “sauteed” her almonds in the microwave with brown sugar and a little Tupperware tub of spices. I was just dying laughing.

Here are some of the photos we got from her school teachers today.








On this date two years ago, we were finally discharged after a week-long post-birth hospital stay. (Click here for that long story.) But look at this cute, teeny tiny, less-than-one-week-old baby girl!

After a strange, miraculously-slow work day (praise!), I got Emmie and headed home. She was super excited to see her brothers tonight, and was hanging on Gabe’s leg while playing around. So cute!

Chicken nuggets, Mac & cheese, and fresh steamed broccoli all around, with ice cold water on this hot day! We’ve started “forcing” everyone to drink only water at dinner lately (no soda, juice or even Gatorade), and not only is it healthier, but it’s obviously just easier too.

Emerson thought she wanted to sit outside to watch daddy mow our front yard, so we put on shoes, and her protective headphones. But once we got out there (snack in hand), she was quickly annoyed by the gnats and no-see-ums (as was I), so we didn’t last long.

So she worked on her garden cart indoors instead 😉

Jeff had the boys help him outside for a while, and I read Emmie her bedtime books, and wrestled with her a little bit, because she was trying to fight sleep. Once I got her to stop crying and just calm down, she was asleep within minutes, and snoring lightly in my arms. It was so sweet!

After getting Emerson to bed, I got the kitchen all cleaned up, and the leftovers put away. Since the grass was so high and thick, he could only finish about half of the yard tonight, and they’ll have to work on it again tomorrow night.

The boys are now super cranky, and we just had a small issue that Jeff is working through with them. Parenting almost-teenagers is really difficult sometimes. Part of their “punishment” tonight is now folding all of our clothes, and not watching the next episode of “Stranger Things” tonight. It will be a no-tv night, spent quietly reading books all around… Prayers for parents of teenagers!

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