Keeping the Tiny Humans Alive

Today we took our morning pictures outside while doing a quick investigation of the plants and bushes.

She’s had a lite bit of a height growth spurt recently, so this is another dress that’s quickly become too short for her, and will be retired after this wear!

The triplets’ nanny is on family vacation this week, and since Megan just started her job, she doesn’t have much leave time built up. So the ladies in my family have been tag-team taking care of them this week! My grandmother has been there every single day, with my Mom on Monday, Aunt Suzanne on Tuesday & Wednesday, and today was my turn! So after dropping off Emerson at school, I headed out to Megan’s house for the day! When I got there, all three cuties were having a morning snooze on their Boppy loungers. (In order below: Kensley, Riley, Ellie.)

They woke up shortly after I got there, and for the next few hours we gave them bottles, changed their diapers, played, rocked, cuddled, and tried to get them to nap. When we finally got all three down at once, I attempted to start a new library book. I read approximately five sentences, before one of them woke up, and it was time for them to eat again! 😂

Grandmommie even made me a sandwich and packed my lunch for me today!

This is on their mantle, and yeah, this is a good goal, when taking care of three tiny humans! It’s hard work folks! I honestly don’t know how Megan or Bo or Nanny Kayla does it by themselves. I can’t imagine!

After Grandmommie and I took turns eating our sandwiches, we did some more playing and bouncing and chatting with the girls, and I got good smiles out of each of them! (In order below: Kensley, Riley, Ellie.)

And then they got crazy! They only took short power naps in the morning, so they were extremely exhausted a little after noon. Grandmommie and I were working hard to get them down for a good nap time, but at one point, all three were crying, and we needed an extra pair of hands! I had Riley, and Grandmommie had Kensley and Ellie. Once I got Riley down, I took Ellie, and was able to get her to sleep as well. Then I tried Kensley, but her tummy was hurting, and she was fighting sleep the hardest. Eventually Grandmommie took her back, and got her to sleep as well, but then Kensley was the first one up!

After a good, sorta-long nap time, we did clean diapers and bottles all around. Then Grandmommie found this little piano you, and was giving them lessons on all sorts of things! The piano does music, says shapes, colors & numbers, and played music notes. I was dancing along, and they all just stared at me, completely mesmerized by my immaculate dancing skills! 😉

Meanwhile, Emmie had a normal day at school!

Bo got home around 3:45, right as I was heading out the door, so I left the triplets in capable hands with him and Grandmommie, so I could go to a dermatologist follow-up from my last visit six weeks ago. Since I wasn’t quite sure the best way to get there from Megan’s new house, I let Google lead the way, and the route took me down a beautiful back road, with a gorgeous canopy of trees! (Miles Johnson road I think? It runs kind of parallel to Mahan, connecting Crump & Micosukee.)

I got a few more minutes to read in the waiting room, but I got called back pretty quickly. They are pleased with the place on my chest, and think it’s fine. But since the itchy, scaly rash on my hand is still there and still bothering me, he prescribed a new steroid cream to try. He also said I could use the same cream on my chest scar, and it would help that out as well.

I was able to pick up Emerson about an hour earlier than usual today, and get home right around 5pm, which was really nice! She had some gummy snakes for her snack, that she had gotten for her birthday. And she loved them. She also kept hissing like a snake, which I had never heard her do before!

She loves wearing Jeff’s giant headphones around the house, so Jeff bought her a tiny toddler size pair of her own late night at Walmart. She had the perfect opportunity to test them out tonight, when Gabe vacuumed the living room for us.

We had chicken and cheese taquitos with rice and beans tonight, and they were really yummy. Three out of the five of us loved them, so that’s good enough for me!

We did bath time after dinner, with some minor freakout when I poured the water on her head.

We got dressed and ready for bed, then had one more snack, and hugged brothers goodnight.

I was trying really hard to get her in bed on time tonight, because she only napped for 55 minutes at school today. But she was over-exhausted, and trying every trick in the book to stay up. She called for her brothers, made them come in there, made daddy come back, we all 5 read a book together, gave more hugs and kisses, clung to brothers while crying and wouldn’t let them leave her room, finally let daddy hold her, asked to read one more book with bubba’s (to which we said no), and I think that’s about it…

She let me hold her after all of that, and she finally just kind of collapsed on my shoulder and quit fighting. I sang our lullaby songs (repeated the last one once), and then she cried for a bit when I laid her down, but quickly gave in and fell asleep. PHEW. That was a tough bedtime tonight. That whole process took about an hour, and it wore me out!

Jeff washed the dishes while I dealt with all of that hoopla, and now it’s time for an episode of “Stranger Things,” before I pass out myself. What a day!

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