Dermatology Visit & Procedure

A super cute new outfit, and a silly girl trying to ride a school bus around her classroom! I actually got this outfit on Target super clearance a long time ago, and it finally fits. Well, it’s still a little bit too big for her, but we went ahead and let her wear it today anyways, and it was still adorable!

lunch today was reading some more of my current library book, and leftover steak fajitas from last night. The way I packed up the leftovers, it kind of felt like I was opening up an adult lunchable! only obviously way better than lunchable. I even brought an entire avocado from home, so I could slice it right in time for lunch, and not let it get brown!

I got to leave work early today, around 2:45, to go to a dermatology appointment. One of my “goals” for this year, was to make an appointment, As I had three specific things/places I wanted a doctor to look at. I finally called back in April, but they didn’t have an opening until June. The first thing is a weird patch of dry skin on the side of my right hand and inside of my right pinky, the second thing is a little mole on the inside of my right eye/nose, and the third thing was a big white bump on my chest. You can see the white bump on my chest in this photo below, and you can partially see the thing up by my eye as well (although my front facing camera has one of those beautify filter thingies on it, so it hides a little bit).

I chose to go to Southeastern dermatology, because that’s where most of my family members go, and they recommended I go there as well, since they all like Dr Ford. I was very impressed by there fancy office facilities, plus all of the staff, nurses, and doctors were very nice as well. I had a very minimal wait time, and was in and out in about an hour total. But I was able to squeeze in a little bit of Kindle reading on my phone app while I waited.

The doctor looked at all three places I was concerned about, and he had no issues with any of them. He prescribed a steroid cream for the dry spot on my hand to apply twice daily for six weeks, but said it’s not fungal or anything, so it’s fine. He said the spot on the inside of my nose is just a flesh-colored mole, and is also nothing to worry about. The bump on my chest however was a cyst. He said we could monitor it for a year and decide what to do about it later, or go ahead and biopsy today, although he felt very sure it was benign and nothing to be concerned with. I decided to go ahead and get it removed today while I was there, because why not!?

They made a few markings on my chest, and notations in my chart, and then sent in an actual plastic surgeon to do the procedure. Have you guys ever watched Dr. Pimple Popper videos on YouTube or Instagram? Jeff and I are strangely fascinated by those things, and really enjoy watching the videos. It’s weirdly satisfying! (Click here if you aren’t squeamish about medical procedures and a little bit of blood, the one in this video was similar to mine.) My procedure was exactly like when she removes a cyst with a punch tool. That’s what they used on me, after injecting the numbing medicine into the area. Sadly though, because of the location on my chest, I couldn’t actually see them doing it, although if I hadn’t been too shy, I would have asked to video it myself!


Post numbing injections….


The whole thing took about 90 seconds from the time the plastic surgeon walked into my room, until he was watching his hands and leaving again. It was super fast. I even got to dissolvable sutures put in, which will fall out on their own within two weeks. I’m supposed to put Vaseline on it three times a day for two weeks. And then they want to see me back again in six weeks to check on how it’s healed/looking, to make sure they got it all out. (Also, I rarely if ever take selfies of just me by myself, and here there are four in just this one post today! But it was really the only way I could get pictures of the spot on my chest, without it being just a close up of my chest and nothing else. So I hope you enjoyed seeing my face so much today! 😜)

The lead teacher in Emerson’s class, Ms. Kristen, was out today, so we didn’t get as many pictures as usual, but here are the ones we got from school.

Since I wasn’t sure how long my dermatologist appointment might take, I had made arrangements for Grammy to pick up Emerson from school, and of course y’all know she was excited to get to ride in the Jeep again today!

Tonight, we met the family for dinner at Grub Burger.

This girl is such a little weirdo! Her Papa did this one time while waiting on our food at Steak ‘n Shake (putting ketchup and mustard on her fingers to eat), and now she thinks it’s a normal thing!

We were planning to go straight home from dinner tonight (this week is VBS at church and tonight is family night, so there was no choir) but Emerson saw Trader Joe’s next door, and was pointing over hollering “buggy! groceries!” So we decided just to go on in for a few things. and of course she needed a banana, even though we had just left dinner!

We actually ended up running into one of my old friends from middle school, who I haven’t seen in forever, so that was fun to get to stand and chat with her for a few minutes, and to meet her to little ones, whom I’ve only seen on Facebook. Plus, I got a lot of help pushing the buggy from my tiny helper.

Once we got home, we had about an hour of play time before bed, and we had lots of fun. We played with some of our Trader Joe’s stickers, and played with stuffed animals, making all the animal noises.

At some point, she noticed the Band-Aid on my chest, and with a furrowed brow pointed at it and said, “boo boo?” I told her yes, Mommy had a boo boo after going to the doctor today, and this amazingly sweet little girl leaned down and gave my chest the most gentle kiss ever! She is truly a sweet, gentle little soul. (Actually, I just noticed you can see that flesh-colored mole on the top inside of my nose a little better in this photo.)

When it was getting close to bedtime, I went and sat in the floor in the bathroom, to work with Emmie on her potty. She sat down almost right away (fully clothed), and then got up to flush (it’s not a real flesh, but it makes a little noise like a flush). She did that like 20 times. Then I got her to let me take her clothes off, but leave her diaper on, and she sat down, got up to flush, and sat again another 10 times. I sneakily took her diaper off, and got her to sit down for one whole second completely naked, but she wasn’t happy about it…

I don’t really consider this the proper start to “potty training,” but more like just practice for her sitting down. We’ve obviously got a long ways to go, but at least it’s something! Hoping she get used to seeing it in our bathroom (it’s eight in front of our toilet), and will become more & more comfortable with it.

I had cooked at home for the past eight days in a row (although one night was leftovers & one night was just microwaving frozen stuffed peppers), but that streak was broken tonight. It must have been a record for me, but I wasn’t sad to break it, because that means no dishes tonight! I’m already plopped on the couch, and now it’s time to hang out with my hubby. Night friends!

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