Steak Fajitas with Grammy

Emerson wore a pair of new-to-her hand-me-down shorts to school today, and the hot pink, polka dot, bubble shorts were just so adorable!

Lunch today was the creamy cheesey Crock-Pot chicken leftovers from Sunday night, and reading “The Farm.”

Emerson had another great day at school, and here are some photos from her teachers.

Grammy was planning to come over to our house for dinner tonight, so she picked up Emmie from school. Emerson saw my mom open the classroom door, yelled “Grammy!” which was quickly followed by “JEEP!” And then she proclaimed, “I walk!” So she led Grammy down the hall.

Grammy and Emmie did a little shopping at Ross before coming home, since she got off work 30 minutes before me. Grammy picked out a pretty church dress for Tater Tot, and she picked out a new baby doll. We literally both pulled into my driveway at the same time, and Emmie ate gummies with Grammy while I cooked dinner.

We had steak fajitas/tacos with peppers & onions, yellow rice and black beans. And it was really good! The steak came pre-cooked from the refrigerated section of the grocery store, and I just added freshly sliced and sauteed red and green bell peppers and onions. And then of course we topped it with delicious things like cherry tomatoes and avocado.

We put together a tiny little infant potty to try to get Emerson more comfortable with that. She sat on it in the living room for maybe half a second, and then popped off immediately. Grammy wanted to do bath time with her, but Emerson still hated it anyways. We made it through, and she got clean, but she definitely screamed through most of it. We bribed her by telling her if she got in the bathtub, she could have a brownie afterwards, so of course she remembered that and asked for it as soon as she was dressed.

This is the new baby doll that Grammy got her this afternoon, and when she asked Emerson what the baby’s name was, we swear it sounded like she answered, “we’ll call herrrr… Baby!” It was so funny.

at bedtime, we asked her if she wanted mommy or Grammy to read her books, and she chose Grammy! She also chose Grammy to say her prayers and rock her to sleep.

Grammy held her for a while, but as soon as she tried to put her down, she latched on tight and wouldn’t let her go. She tried again one more time, but eventually Mommy had to come in and give it a try, so Grammy could head home. I held her for a while myself, but she popped back up and cried as I walked out of the room. Jeff came in for his turn, and it took him about 20 minutes to get her to fall asleep where he could lay her down and leave the room.

While Jeff was holding a sleepy baby, I got the leftovers put away, the dishes washed, and the kitchen cleaned. He’s doing some computer work in the front room now, so that means I get the TV to myself again for a little while before bedtime!

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