Little Miss Muffet

Y’all. This romper came with a little hat attached, and although it’s not our usual style, she looks stinking adorable in it, and I can’t even handle it! She kind of reminds me of Little Miss Muffet!

For my lunch break today, I ate my leftover sundred tomato pasta that I made from Erin Napier’s blog, and started a new book.

And once again today, we got a ton of photos from her teachers, so here are just some of them.

Late night edit to add this screenshot of her daily report. My favorite parts are her asking for more goldfish at snack time, and talking about her swim diaper in the pool! She is so funny! And clearly she’s getting very chatty these days!

I don’t think I’ve ever shared these photos on the blog before, but they came up in my Facebook today, so I’m going to go ahead and share them again. When we first bought our house in August 2016, almost the entire house had been freshly painted, but the living room was still darkwood paneling from the 1960’s. It took us about 6 months to get around to it, but once we finally primed and painted the walls in March 2017, it felt like a total makeover! The two photos aren’t from the exact same ankle, although they’re closed, but you can still get a really good feel for how much just painting the walls changed the feel of the room.

And look at this teeny little snaggletooth girl again, from this time last year in 2018!

Jeff had to go over to his parents house to help them move some furniture and stuff around, so Emerson and I were on our own for dinner. She sat on the counter eating raisins, while I made a simple dinner of microwaving some frozen stuffed bell peppers, and making a pot of white rice.

I knew Emerson wouldn’t like the stuffed peppers, so she had rice, and the other half of her leftover cheeseburger from sometime over the weekend. We also listen to one of our new records we got a few weeks ago, this Barbara Streisand album from 1980! And Emerson absolutely loved it! She was dancing and flailing her arms and trying to sing along and just smiling so big!

We played and colored and just hung out a little bit after dinner. And this below is just improve of why we don’t yet let her use markers! She was coloring all over her face and arms with those crayons, but luckily crayons don’t work on skin! 🤣

She held onto her tiny little plastic penguin while I read The Ugly Duckling (which she loved, and kept hollering “quack!”), and then decided she wanted some gummies, so we had to go grab those too.

She was extremely tired, so even though she was upset that Daddy wasn’t there for bedtime (she kept asking for him and I had to tell her he wasn’t home), she did calm down relatively quickly while laying on my shoulder, and I was able to lay her down in her crib for bedtime. Since dinner was so easy, clean up was also easy as well. Dishes are already wash, and kitchen is clean. Jeff still at his parents house, which means I get to watch TV all by myself! Does anyone else just feel like it’s such a luxury to choose whatever you want when you’re the only one home?

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