The Sweetest Kisses

Emerson white right back to the school buses again this morning, and of course started riding along right away! And then she found a tub of blocks she thought she should dump out…

Random note, but the last six or seven books I’ve added to my TBR (to be read) list on Goodreads have all had bluish themed covers…

In other book news, I made an impromptu decision today to attend a bookish event in Thomasville in a few months. Delia Ownes, author of New York Times #1 Bestseller, “Where the Crawdads Sing” (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐), who is also a Thomasville native, will be doing a lecture and Q&A at the end of Thomasville’s One Book event. Tickets were only $12, so I spontaneously bought one right away, and then posted on Facebook to see if there were any friends who wanted to go with me. I got a few interested takers, so I’m excited I won’t have to go by myself! Click here if you want yo buy tickets for yourself, and then let me know if you’re going!

Emersons’s lead teacher Ms. Kristen was back today, so we got lots of good photos and a great detailed daily report.

While driving home tonight, it sounded like any said “baa baa sheep,” and we thought she was just reciting from the Jimmy Fallon we read at bedtime. But after reading her daily report, I think she was trying to sing “baa baa Black sheep,” like they did at school!

She had brought her baby doll in the car with her this morning, and after some convincing, I got her to leave it in the car during the day. But she was very excited to see her baby once we got back in the car after pick up!

Jeff was in the mood for a big salad tonight, but I didn’t have the stuff to make it at home. I also had a headache, so we decided to just head to Zaxby’s for dinner. We both got giant Zalads, and Emerson had a grilled cheese kids meal.

Emerson absolutely loved our booth, because we let her stand in the seat next to Daddy, and she had a great view out the window. We were at the one on Tennessee Street close to FSU campus, so there was lots of foot traffic on the sidewalk, then lots of buses driving by. She would holler “bus!” at least five times, every time one went by, and she would get so excited every time!

Jeff randomly ordered a few brand new Little Golden Books for Emmie from Amazon the other day, and he’s gave them to her tonight after dinner. She loved them, and was so excited! He got her Frozen, Coco & Moana. You probably won’t be surprised to read her favorite book was Moana, even though Grammy & Papa gave her that one (Daddy forgot) for her Moana-themed first birthday party last year!

A couple sweet kisses for my boo-boo.

After she screamed her way through a 30-second bath, we did jammies & gummies & books. She wanted Daddy to read, and she wanted Mommy to sit on the floor next to her.

Then she wanted to sit on the floor with me, and she started being super sweet and giving me alllll the kisses. Some for my boo-boo, some on my cheeks, some on my lips, and even a few on my chin 🤣

She is the SWEETEST! She wanted me then to say her prayers and hold her, so of course I obliged, for some extra snuggles.

Since her bath was so fast, and thw water was barely used, and still warm by the time I finish putting her to bed, I went back in there and threw some of my foot scrub/soak stuff into the water, and wrote the first half of this blog sitting on the edge soaking my feet. Then I used my little scraper I got from T.J. Maxx a few weeks back, and gave myself a mini pedicure. I’ll make sure to put on some of my good foot cream with those fuzzy socks for bedtime, and I’ll keep my feet looking pedicure fresh for summer, with just some simple at home foot-care!

Since there are again no dishes to wash, we are going to watch the movie “Ghost.” Ya know, the one from 1990 with Patrick Swayze and the pottery scene. I’ve never actually seen it before, but I’m thinking now’s as good a time as any!

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