Tiny Tambourine Player

I forgot yesterday’s calendar photo. Why is that so difficult for me? Pretty sure April was a day or two late last month as well.

Emerson sat on the stove for her pre-breakfast snack of dummies. Then she asked for milk, so we got her a cup. Then she asked for water, so we got her a cup of that. Then she was going back and forth drinking from both of her cups!

When we got to school, Ms. Tracy was sitting in the floor surrounded by little girls who all had musical instruments. So we got a tambourine for Emerson, and she joined in the singing!

I love her little tongue poking out in these next two photos!

for my lunch today, I treated myself to the Sonny’s food truck that was parked at my office. I got to enjoy about 20 minutes of time in the fresh air under the magnolia tree, which I enjoyed.

I got the sweet Carolina sandwich (pulled pork with a dab of coke slaw) and fries (plus sweet tea, obvs), and it was absolutely delicious. But it was super filling and I couldn’t finish it all.

Here are the pictures we got from school today. In this first one, she’s probably saying, “Cheeeeeeese!” Because she knows that’s what you say when you take a picture, but she doesn’t know how to smile when she days if, so she ends up with this super cheese face. Also, her crazy hair is cracking me up.

And this throwback picture popped up in my Facebook memories today! Megan was probably just over one, which means I was probably almost four. But Megan was a super chubby baby, so she was the same size as me! This is probably my absolute favorite photo of us from when we were a little kids! And my Mama just told me it was actually a real horse! I’ve always thought it was just a saddle set up for photos?! Anyways, clearly Meg wasn’t a fan of the horse.

And in other throwback memories, I totally forgot yesterday was my 1-year anniversary since I started blogging daily! I knew it was coming up, then forgot to mention it. I am actually quite proud of myself for sticking with for a year. I’ve recorded so many big events and holidays, and tons of teeny moments to treasure. I’m just so glad to have this space to write! If you weren’t around way back then, check out one year ago on the blog on May 1st and May 2nd.

After school, Emerson of course had to plop down in the lobby to check out a book on our way out. I’m usually able to convince her to leave though, by asking her if she wants to go outside, because y’all know she loves to be outside!

She wanted to check out the grass and bush before getting in the car…

I love driving down Live Oak Plantation Road every day. The canopy road is just so pretty!

We did our favorite Trader Joe’s Chinese food tonight for dinner, and tried a new thing with it, these pork buns. But I didn’t like them. I took one bite and was done. I thought they tasted too sweet, kinda like barbeque. But Jeff liked them, and ate two of them!

And this Tater Tot ended up eating all of her two pork dumplings, and then two more off my plate. She loves those things!

She was a little freaked out in the bath again tonight, but not as bad as Tuesday. Still over here looking for tips for toddler bath time, if anyone’s got any…

She had some gummies for her bedtime snack, while daddy read her books. Then we prayed together, and she gave me lots of tiny sweet kisses that melted my heart.

While Jeff finished putting Emerson to bed, I cleaned the outside of our sliding glass doors, and the inside of the kitchen window. We’ll have to get a ladder out there to do the back, since the house is off-grade. (Is that the right term to say it’s raised, like, not on a slab?) And then I washed the dishes, and cleaned the sink with my Bon Ami cleanser.

And now that the nightly chores are done, I’m sure y’all know what we’re gonna watch now, before winding down for bedtime. Night friends!

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