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I’ve been inspired these last few days. Inspired to get back to more frequent blogging & writing. Inspired to remember the small details, as well as the big life events. Do any of y’all watch Home Town on HGTV with Ben & Erin Napier? It’s one of our favorites, and I’ve been obsessively reading entry after entry on her blog for the last few days, which is what has been inspiring me.

Since January 1, 2010, she has written a daily journal online, just looking for something good in each day. (P.S. – I stole today’s post title from her.) She took a few months off starting this January when she had their sweet baby girl, but she has written almost 3,000 entries by now! And I want to start documenting daily now too. Especially now in this season of life with an infant, who won’t be an infant for much longer. These are sweet moments & days, and I want to cherish every bit of them that I can!

So because of all this inspiration & creativity that’s bursting to get out, I’m going to start my own daily journal here. Well, maybe not daily, but a few times a week at least. I want to find the good in each day, and write it down to focus on those good things. It’s true that life with an infant is sweet, but sometimes it’s also incredibly hard. But years down the road, what I want to remember the most when I reflect back, are the sweet times we spend as a little family, and the cute things she does that she’ll so very quickly grow out of. I want to remember the good times of each day.

Now with all that in mind, here’s the goodness from today… I went to a Bible journaling session at work on my lunch break. We went on a family walk after we got home from work, and then my mama came to the rescue with her spare key when we locked ourselves out of the house! Then I made super simple store-bought Buitoni tortellini for supper, and the three of us ate at our hand-me-down table together, with Perry Como on the 1970’s record player we inherited from my Grandparents.

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