Sharing Scones

I didn’t share any of the gifts I got for Jeff for his birthday, but here’s one of them. This new Star Wars Tervis! When we got married five and a half years ago, we both picked out a nice Tervis with some of our gift card money at Bed, Bath & Beyond. My pretty pink frangipani cup is still in perfect condition, but his old Spiderman one was cracked or something, because it was getting stained & retaining some liquid in between the double wall. So anyways, I surprised him with a new one! I knew he’d love the theme, but also the lime green lid. He has a thing for lime green. (I also got him a new wallet, and a shirt that’s black & says “nerd” in lime green.)

I love seeing this sweet girl first thing in the morning. She is the perfect start to the day!

This morning, I very much enjoyed the Mother’s Day breakfast at school with my sweet, adorable girl! ❤️ And we both loved those delicious scones!

We shared this giant blueberry scone, and it was so stinking good! I want another one right now actually.

Here’s the latest update from my sister on the triplets… “Our sweet babies had their 2 month check up today and got their first round of shots! They did so good and were so tough (mommy and daddy were okay too 😂)! They are all on the growth charts which is incredible since they are multiples and were preemies! Kensley is almost 10 lbs, Riley is a little over 10 lbs, and Ellie is over 9.5 lbs. They are practically perfect in every way. 🎀🎀🎀”

After I picked up Emerson from school, we stopped by Walmart to get my grocery pickup order. And good grief that place was a mad house! They have 6 pickup parking spots, which were all full, and there were 4 other cars plus me all just milling around waiting our turn. It took about 15 minutes (it usually takes about 2), but that was still quicker and easier than doing the shopping myself! I got a few of the more obscure ingredients (e.g. – ginger root & sesame oil), for two new recipes I’m going to try out in the next few days. I’ll share those when I make them…

But have y’all tried this new churro cereal? It’s delish! The taste is almost identical to Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but the texture is better when it gets slightly soggy.

And after all the hoopla with picking up groceries, we got home kinda late, and just got Chick-fil-A for dinner. But no one complained about that!

We got Emmie in her jammies, changed her bed sheets, and then went back to the living room to stay up past bedtime playing a little longer. Emmie was sweetly sharing her Pop-Tart with her little bunny.

And then she found a jacket she needed to wear. Plus she put her jelly sandals on with her socks.

This was her making her camel “fly.”

Then we did a video chat with Grammy & Pepaw, while they were babysitting the triplets! And Emmie loved seeing all of them.

She was mad when I took off her jacket and shoes at bedtime, but quickly turned into the sweetest girl in the whole wide world. She gave me seriously like a hundred kisses on my lips and cheeks and nose, and once again my heart almost burst from her sweetness. I am so blessed to be this girl’s Mommy!

Taking it easy tonight after a stressful afternoon at work, and some allergy/sinus pressure in my face tonight. No chores for me, I’m just gonna enjoy my Friday night!

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