Hubby’s Birthday

Today’s teacher appreciation week theme was “lovin’ from the oven,” so I got up super early, to start baking a loaf of bread. I mixed it up last night to rest overnight, and got it in the pan to rise for one hour, around 5:30am, then went back to bed for a bit, and put it in the oven at 6:30. For my own breakfast, I heated up a couple of the egg muffins and a slice of the bread from Sunday. Then I got to take Emerson’s teachers fresh baked bread, still warm from the oven!

Emerson looked so serious at drop off today, because she heard Q telling me a story — last Friday, a man was on the side of their building with a leaf blower (they saw him from their classroom window), and Emmie got scared of him & was crying. Then yesterday, she pointed out the window & said “man” and started acting scared again (not crying, but repeating “man” over & over). So when Q was telling me the story this morning, Emmie was getting worried again! We had to assure her he wasn’t back again today, and that there was nothing to worry about!My throat was feeling a little icky today, so I had some Emergen-C at work.And we got some hilarious photos from school today.I literally laughed out loud when I saw this one!And these said she had some important phone calls to make today.

Edited to add – I just found this in her bag, that she made at school today for Daddy!

And today I had a wild hair and listened to an old *NSYNC album. And man was it good! I also remembered Left Eye’s entire rap portion on “Space Cowboy,” like any respectable 90’s girl should.And since today’s was my sweet hubby’s 38th birthday, we met his parents for dinner at Outback! Emmie loved dipping her bread into the butter, and she did really well, for a toddler at a sit down restaurant!This is when I showed her the photos my sister posted of the triplets. She first said, “baby!” And then I got her to repeat all of their names.(Picture of the triplets… Oh and also, the Tallahassee Democrat went to their house tonight for an interview, and they are doing a special Mother’s Day article about them. So be on the lookout for that this weekend!)Folding her hands to pray ❤️Sitting with one leg thrown out the side of the high chair.Steak & baked potato for dinner! Plus Emmie’s fries over there too.And she was insistent on wanting this “apple” so I gave it to her, even though it was actually a lime. But she just thought it was funny!Then they brought Jeff a little birthday cup of ice cream with chocolate and strawberries and whipped cream, and we got a small bowl of plain ice cream for Emerson.There was a super loud charter bus parked right at the front doors when we left (which Emmie was interested because of her bus obsession, but scared of because it was so loud), so instead of taking a family photo at the restaurant, we took a couple at home. And then we tried something new for bath time, at the suggestion of our friend Lisel. We let her wear a swimmy diaper in the tub, and while there was no screaming bloody murder, she was still upset and not so much into it.But she was perfectly fine once she was wrapped up cozy and warm in an elephant towel!Then she helped put her night time lotion on her tummy.And she had pink milk and gummies during bedtime books.When Jeff reads, Emmie sits in his lap, and I always kneel to the side of the glider and read along with them. Some nights, I’m there holding her gummies. Tonight, Emmie kept leaning over and just resting on me, being incredibly sweet. She would love me for a minute or so, then sit up to drink or eat or whatever, then lean back down on me again. She also gave me a couple of really sweet kisses. And my heart was just so full.So thankful for another year of life with my husband, and this super sweet baby girl!

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