My baby girl was being super clingy at school this morning. Normally, she’s ready to get down and start playing, but today she just buried her face in my chest, and wouldn’t let go. Ms. Q came over to scoop her up, and she did alright with that, although she was still trying to reach for me a little bit. But she quickly perked up, and showed Ms. Q the shoes she picked out herself this morning (she’s already way too opinionated on such matters to fight her over it), and then they walked over to look out the side door, so I could sneak out quietly.

We gave both of Emerson’s teachers one of these today for “Words of Encouragement” day, and I wrote “We love you” on them, and then let Emmie doodle sign her name at the bottom. Forgot to take a picture of that though.

Edited – actually, I just stole this photo from Ms. Q, you can see Emmie’s “signature.”

Not only is this week Teacher Appreciation week for Ms. Q and Ms. Bridgett, but also Correctional Employees Appreciation week for me! We get to wear jeans all week for casual dress, and our bosses had a big breakfast for our Bureau this morning. Then Wednesday is a Department-wide luncheon for our whole building. (I don’t often talk about my job much on the blog, but I work in the Central Office for the Department of Corrections. No, I don’t work at a prison, and no, I’m not a guard, and I rarely ever see actual inmates. My job is to audit and calculate sentences, to ensure each inmate serves the correct amount of time the judge orders, based on laws, statutes, policies and procedures. I specifically have a couple of niche areas in which I specialize, along with a couple others in my small unit. Just thought I’d share that here now, since I don’t think I have before.) Anyways, we got a delicious breakfast this morning! Chicken minis are always a favorite.For lunch, Jeff and I had a super fun (insert sarcasm) lunch date at the bank. Our old mortgage company sold off our mortgage to a new company, and we had to go deal with a bit of a mess. Instead of transferring our escrow to the new company, they sent a check to Jeff and I, that we had to sign in front of a bank employee, and deposit, before we can pay the escrow back to our new company tomorrow. I guess that’s not always standard procedure, but I don’t really know…? Plus, after 5 and 1/2 years of marriage, we finally added Jeff to my Bank of America accounts. I don’t know why it took us so long, we kept meaning to do it, but we finally got it all straightened out today. There was definitely a lot of adulting going on.Here are the pictures we got of Emmie from school today.And here a few new prints I put up around my office. My sister was sweet enough to order extra prints for me, and my Mama, so now I have printed photos of the triplets up at work!After school, Emerson made sure to say bye-bye to all her teachers and friends as we walked down the hallway (one of her nicknames is already Miss Congenitality), including this little guy out front!Y’all know how much I love a canopy road in the afternoon sunlight.Baby girl ate a ton at dinner time, and after wiping up her own tray, she was begging us to go outside. So of course we went out to take advantage of the cooler weather this evening (since it was so stinking hot this afternoon!).Look at the baby oranges! They’re growing so much!This baby girl LOVES bubbles. But tonight, Little Miss Independent didn’t want us to blow them for her, she just wanted to play with them herself, even if that meant no bubbles were actually being blown (since she didn’t know how).But she did eventually figure it out on her own well enough to blow a few bubbles, and then she about lost her mind with excitement when she actually caught one on the wand!And then when she noticed I took off my sandals, she decided to needed to be like Mommy and take off her shoes too.She took a super short nap at school today (only 47 minutes), so most of the evening was back and forth between super sweet, precious moments, and instant crying & fussing. I don’t mean that to sound quite as bad as it does, but the poor girl was just exhausted. By the time rolled around for bedtime, she could barely function enough to eat her gummies, and make it though her books. A few tears were shed when she couldn’t decided which of us she wanted to put her to sleep (again, she was way too tired), but she eventually laid ber head on Daddy’s shoulder, and calmed down in just a minute or so.I washed the dishes while Jeff did some of his side computer work stuff, and then together we cleaned out the food cabinet. Like I said last night, we don’t have a pantry here, so I use this cabinet for most of our dry food storage. Some of this stuff we brought with us when we moved in 2016, and embarrassingly, some is even older than that (A box of tea bags was the only truly old item, that expired in 2010.) So we emptied the whole thing out, threw out the bad stuff (which I hated and felt terrible for all the waste), and then reorganized everything. I was even able to get some stuff out of the white hutch I worked on last night, to even better organize all the things.Before:During:After:We also took a few minutes to clean out all of our accumulated cups. You know the ones I’m talking about – from FSU football/baseball games, AMC, or Newk’s Gordo’s, Zaxby’s, & Maddio’s. Do y’all have an outrageous amount of these cups too? We surely had way too many, but now I feel better having gotten rid of quite a few.So that’s another thing I get to cross off my spring cleaning to-do list! I’ll share an update on that over the weekend maybe, because I’m sure y’all are super curious to know how that’s going. Haha.And now it’s time to relax for the night!

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