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Just Text…

We had some internet / computer issues tonight, so it’s already after 10pm and I’m just now starting this. So I’m just gonna do the tiniest little post here, and then head to bed. The girls both had a good day at school, we had Raising Cane’s again for dinner tonight (Jeff picked up a mobile order for us on the way home), and then we went to church.

We had a rough night at home after church, when everyone was overtired and overstimulated and frustrated, but we all made it through after some yelling and some tears, and we got the girls down finally around 9:15pm.

For whatever reason, the website won’t let me add any photos now though, and I’m just over it… so we’ll try again tomorrow!

Sleepover at our Neighbor’s House

Sooo this is a double post for Thursday and Friday, because of some weird events on Thursday night. But first, even though Addie was a bit grump at home for sister pics, she was happy by the time we made it to school. And Emmie was excited to wear her class tshirt, because their class sang the school song for the rising kindergarten orientation.

The Tooth Fairy’s First Visit

The Tooth Fairy made a visit to our house last night! Supposedly, some of her friends have gotten $5 for one tooth already, but that’s a bit too rich for our blood, so $2 is more our speed…. 😉 But she was so excited and already asking to go to the Dollar Tree, wondering what she would get. She also decided she would write her a letter next time, to tell her she loved her, and she felt sure the Tooth Fairy would write her a letter back.

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