Wild Night of Waffles & Walmart

Look at those super curly little wispy blonde hairs!

And look at this girl with her ever-present snaggle-tooth smile.

Yesterday, one of our Correctional Officers and a building guy were walking around all the offices looking for water damage, and they noticed our office collecting can tabs. Then when they were up in the attic, they found a huge, GIANT collection of dusty, forgotten tabs, so they brought them down for me! That 2-gallon tub with the orange lid was what we already had. Then everything else is what they found in the attic yesterday! Incredible. We’ve already got this huge pile to donate. Can’t wait to see how much we stockpile before we make it back to Jax again to donate to the RMHC. If you collect them at your house (from drinks, fruit cans, veggie cans, soup cans, tuna cans, pet food cans, etc), we can add them to our collection!

Meg and I went out to lunch at the last minute today, because she said she had been eating leftovers all week and just couldn’t do it again. She also just really needed to get out of the office. And it didn’t take much convincing on my part to agree, especially when she mentioned she wanted Cava. Because that’s one of my very favorite places, with a bowl full of lots of veggies and toppings and sauces and dips. And I love that cucumber mint lime drink. Sooo good, always!

Today is my little triplet nieces 5th birthday! Looking back on pictures from the day they were born, and the few days after, they were literally the tiniest little babies, and somehow it’s still hard to comprehend how they were ever actually that tiny. But they are strong, sassy & sweet big girls now, and I love them so much!

Emerson wanted breakfast for dinner tonight, but I was not in the mood to cook. So we took ourselves to the Waffle House, and had delicious waffles and eggs and hash browns.

This was clearly way too much food though, so we brought home a to-go box of waffle, egg & toast.

We stopped by Walmart for a wild Friday night after the Waffle House, and did a little shopping for body wash and diapers and Sudafed. And then by the time we got home, the girls were ready for 2nd dinner, so they warmed up the to-go box and shared the leftovers together while watching Bluey.

A wild Friday night when you have small kids is Waffle House & Walmart. But it was a nice night as a little family!

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