Triplets’ 5th Birthday Lunch

Jeff and Addie went to the fancy Cumberland gas station early this morning, to get breakfast croissants and breakfast stromboli’s, and let me sleep in a little bit.

Then after we ate our sandwiches, Jeff and the girls went for a little walk up and down the street (they had seen two dogs running around earlier and were trying to look for them again, but didn’t find them), and let me lay back down and rest even more, which was so nice.

We just laid around for about an hour after that, and then finally got up to do some chores around 10am. We worked for a little over an hour (dishes, cleaning, laundry, vacuuming, etc), and then got quick showers and got dressed and ready.

Yesterday was the triplets’ fifth birthday, so today we had a big, fun family lunch at Momo’. I ordered these pesto goat cheese sticks that I’ve always wanted to try, and loved them so much I could have eaten only that for my meal. But then I also ordered a slice of the luau pizza to share with Emmie, because she was wanting the pineapple pizza.

Some little girls were “helping” Grammy eat her Caesar salad.

Can’t believe these sweet little beauties are already five years old!

We stopped into the used bookstore next door for a few minutes after lunch, just to browse around, and the girls found some coloring sheets to work on.

Little sister partied so hard though, she conked out in the car almost immediately on the way home.

Jeff went out to run errands to FedEx, the pharmacy, AutoZone & Walmart, while Addie napped, Emmie had “quiet time,” and I read on the couch. It started raining at one point, and it was just my perfect rainy, reading, afternoon for about 30 minutes.

I had to wake Addison up around 5:30pm, so that should wouldn’t sleep any later. And then I got started on some dinner prep. I made a homemade tzatziki sauce, and then used that in mixing up a chickpea salad with tomato, cucumber, red onion & feta.

Once I got that done and put into the fridge, I started on a making some Greek-inspired turkey burgers, using this “shawerma” spice that Bo gave me from their trip to Israel a couple of years ago. And you guys, this came out so good! We had the burgers with the homemade tzatziki sauce and feta, then on the side we had couscous, Greek salad, and the chickpea salad I made earlier. (Emmie had Lucky Charms, and Addie had couscous and a piece of buttered bread 😉 )

Dinner time was followed by bath time for the girls, and then of course it was Bluey time, and then bedtime.

We had a really great day today, with the perfect mix of some rest time, and time with family, and getting chores done, and lots of good food. Looking forward to a good Sunday tomorrow!

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