Pajama Sunday

For time change Sunday, we had pajama day in GC Kids. Jeff had to be at church early because he was on the tech team, but I actually had the day off, so the girls and I had a nice lazy morning at home. Then I just got myself ready, and they rolled on to church in their jammies!



Today was also “Heavy Haul” day for their little Buddy Barrels, to see which team could bring in the heaviest offering for missions. So we loaded up Emmie’s little barrel with practically our entire change jar, and her team won today, with 10 pounds of coins!

We had a great church service today as always, and it was nice to sit in the congregation and worship.

I was craving some good Mexican food for lunch, so we went to Echalee and Jeff and I shared a giant plate of chicken fajita nachos, which were so stinking delicious.

It was a little after 2pm by the time we finally got home, so we got both girls in bed for naps, and then Jeff and I laid down to nap as well. Then by the time we all woke up, it was time to go back to church for dinner and Connect Groups.

We had a really great prayer class for our connect group, with lots of good discussion from everyone. Both girls needed some more snacks when we got home, and of course we watched an episode of Bluey or two really quick, before starting on our regular bedtime routines.

Bedtime was actually a little rougher tonight, so we’ll just blame that on daylight savings time. They weren’t crazy or anything, just needed lots of extra snuggles and ended up getting to sleep later than usual. But luckily they’re both asleep now, and Jeff is out in the carport working on my car, something about the radiator fluid or water pump or some such car-related thing… So I’m gonna get a snack now and work on my puzzle.

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