Emerson is on spring break this week. I’m off with her for the first three days through Wednesday, and we have so many plans for these days! We started by making egg sandwiches together for breakfast.

And Daddy took Addison to school for the day.

Then of course we did some puzzles together. These super cute little Bluey puzzles came in the round Bluey & Bingo cardboard tubes, which are so cute. Miss Ary saw them and thought of the girls, so she picked them up for them. So sweet!

Next up on our list was coloring together, while listening and singing along to worship music on the tv.

Then we got ready to run some errands around town. She got herself dressed all by herself, and then came in my room and said, “I’m having a pink moment.” And good grief she looked so stinking cute!

We just went to Five Below looking for some paint-by-numbers activities, but then when we saw them, she decided she didn’t want them anymore. Instead, she picked out a little hamster that scurries around in it’s own hamster ball, that also glows in the dark. So, ya know…

But we came back home for lunch time, and I fixed myself an amazing plate of my leftovers from the other night, which were still so super delicious. Greek-inspired turkey burger, couscous, and Greek salad with chickpea salad on top, smothered in feta.

I ended up falling asleep on the couch for a little nap after lunch, and Emmie played on her Kindle in her room. She woke me up after about an hour, because she was ready to go outside and ride her bike. She rode circles up & down the carport and driveway for about 30 minutes, and then we proceeded to our next activity, which was the bookstore and the piebrary, at Midtown Reader!



We also made a quick stop at the Goodwill bookstore, and then started making our way up to Growing Room to pick up Addison. But on the way there, my car started overheating, so I called Jeff to alert him, then pulled over in a parking lot to let it cool down for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, I turned it back on and it was back in the “normal” range, so we slowly made our way to daycare, and Jeff left work early and met us there. He checked some things out, and connected his little diagnostics tester thingy, and we waited another 20-ish minutes before driving home. The girls rode home with Jeff, and I drove my car with the windows down and the heat on, because apparently (and also kind of counter-intuitively, for me at least), the heater somehow cools the engine, or pulls heat off the engine, or some such thing…

Anyways, we did in fact make it home safe and sound, and Jeff got started looking into the car stuff again, while I was washing some dishes. Then he took the girls for a little walk down the street, while I was cooking dinner.

We had delicious bacon, egg & cheese breakfast sammies on brioche buns, with hash browns and strawberries. And it was so easy and so good.

And after dinner, we just couldn’t stay inside, so while Jeff kept working on and researching stuff about the car, I took the girls on another little walk/bike ride down the street.

We got the girls changed into jammies, and grabbed some bedtime yogurts, and watched Bluey. Then both of them were exhausted, and bedtime was pretty easy. I’m itching to get back to my puzzle again tonight, so I’m going to go work on that some more, and probably stay up later than I should, since I don’t have work tomorrow. Looking forward to another good day with my oldest girl!

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