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Jeff took Addison to school again, for mine & Emerson’s second day of spring break.

Emmie and I were actually really chill this morning, just snuggling on the couch, playing a little Pictionary game on her Kindle. We ate some toast for breakfast, and then she took a nice long soak in the bathtub with her bath bomb and some bath tub paints and a movie playing on her Kindle. I showered after she was dressed (in an adorable new outfit I found shopping with Meg on our sister trip a couple of months ago), and we headed to her dental cleaning appointment.

She actually looks forward to these appointments, and always does so well. And I get in about 20 minutes of uninterrupted reading time. She didn’t have any cavities today, so praise the Lord for that!

I researched some kids-eat-free-lunch-options nearby, and we had a quick little mommy/daughter lunch at Village Pizza & Pasta. I had delicious baked ziti (which came with the rolls & salad for only $11!), and her butter noodles for were free 😉 Such a steal though!

And then came the real highlight of her week so far… an hour in the Tally Cat Cafe! I had wanted to do something special for her this week, without breaking the bank. When I mentioned something fun, she suggested the library, because she’s the sweetest munchkin ever. But I came up with this idea as a surprise, and of course she absolutely loved it. (It was actually more expensive than I thought it was going to be {at $14 each}, but that’s okay, since it was a rare special visit for my sweet girl.)

This cat in particular really, really liked her, and cuddled up and slept near/on her for about 30 minutes of our hour long visit.

There were two other moms there with young teen girls during our reservation time, and they “hogged” these last two tiny kitties the whole time, and we only finally go tot hold and love on them for the last five or so minutes, but they were certainly the sweetest of the whole bunch.



It was such a beautiful day today, so of course we had to go home and spend an hour or so in the lovely warm sunshine.

We came back inside for me to get some baked potatoes going in the oven for dinner, and I also washed some dishes. Then we decided to stay inside and cool down and watch some tv, and cuddle together. Jeff picked up Addie from school so that Emmie and I didn’t have to go back out again, and they got home just in time for dinner. So we had the baked potatoes, some steam-in-the-bag broccoli, and store-bought beef roast au jus, which was much yummier even than we expected.

Both girls were actually very tired tonight (and Emmie was strangely feeling a little under the weather out of nowhere), so we did an early bedtime, and both were asleep quickly. So now it’s time for me to get back to my puzzle, which I’m actually doing so great on, considering it’s 1,000 pieces!

Emerson and I have one more day together as part of our spring break, so I hope she feels better when she wakes up tomorrow, so we can enjoy our time together, without her being under the weather.

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