Pedicures & Picnics

Look at this very cheesy little goofball girl at school drop-off this morning.

Emmie and I had another slow morning at home, with cinnamon sugar toast, and pretend trivia games she made up, with prizes from around the house. She picked out another super cute outfit for herself once it was time for us to get ready.

And then we went to get some mommy/daughter pedicures! I typically like to do this at home myself (just because I feel guilty paying so much for something I can do myself), but I really did need a professional this time, and wanted to treat Emmie for another fun spring break activity. She was so calm, and sweet, and grown-up during the whole thing, and loved it so so much.



We did a little grocery trip to Trader Joe’s after our pedicures, and picked up some necessities and some treats as well. And of course you know she had to have her own little tiny girl buggy, which turned out to be a good thing, so that we couldn’t fill a regular-size cart full of things.

When we got back home, I made us cute little lunch trays, and Emmie set up the blanket and stools in the carport for a little picnic outside. We had a really good conversation sitting there together like that, and it was such a special time that I hope she enjoyed just as much as I did. She rode her bike up and down the driveway again for a long time, and then convinced me to take her to the park for a long time too.

We saw and attempted to count about 30 turtles sunning and swimming, and Emerson kept saying, “I wish I was a turtle!”

Look at this amazing puzzle I finished last night! I actually convinced Jeff to work on it with me for a while, and we finished it together pretty quickly. So overall, this actually only took me 12 days, which is so much quicker than I thought it would be. This was actually a really fun puzzle to put together, with all the fun colors and locations and landmarks.

After the park, I finally convinced her that we should just sit down and do something calm and quiet (and in the a/c). So we colored some pages we got from Trader Joe’s and finished watching Tarzan, which we started yesterday, and I also heated up some cold coffee leftover from this morning.

And then Daddy picked up Addison from school, and she wanted to color a little bit too when they got home.

I made chicken Caesar salad wraps with a side of garlic noodles for dinner. Addison had about three servings of salad, and Emerson ate her whole mini-sized wrap I made her.

We played a little bit after dinner and cleaned up the living room from all of our games and activities through the day. Then obviously we watched an episode of Bluey, but Emmie and I only watched one, because she was so tired and ready to head off to bed. Oh and yes she did wake up feeling much better today, so I was so thankful for that!

We’ve had a great three days together, but unfortunately I have to go back to the office tomorrow. But tomorrow little bit gets to spend the day with Grammy & Papa, and so I’m sure she’ll have a great day with them!

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