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We had a big chaotic drop-off as a group at daycare this morning. My parents had been taking care of the triplets this week while Meg & Bo were out of town. And today was Emerson’s day with my parents. So we all met up for drop-off and hand-off of the kiddos.

Check out Addie’s new spring-time outfit, with the giant bell-bottoms! She’s so so silly.

Then Emerson had a big delicious breakfast with Grammy and Papa at Waffle House.

For lunch today, our little birthday lunch four-some went out for my bestie Heather’s birthday lunch. She loves tacos and Mexican just as much, or probably more, than I do, so she chose La Tiendita, which was super good. We got to sit outside in the beautiful weather today too, and it was so lovely!

Due to some hoopla with scheduling and other such things, after work and school, Jeff and I met Papa & Emmie at daycare, and I picked up the triplets in Meg’s van! Then we all went to Chick-fil-A for dinner together.

Meg & Bo actually made it back to town as we finished up dinner, so they met us there and ordered their dinner as well. We sat and chatted a little bit while the girls played in the play place and then ate some ice cream, and then went our separate ways, because all five girls needed a dip in the bathtub. My girls had another snack afterwards, while we did a video chat with Nana and PopPop. That was followed up by Bluey and snuggles, and then both girls were asleep easily.

Currently watching last night’s “Survivor” episode, glad I don’t have anything else to do tonight, because work today was absolutely bonkers crazy (starting off with a dead computer right at 8am), and my brain is fried! But today was still good, because it was full of friends and family!

And now it’s time to watch Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour on Disney+!!

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