Creeks & Calzones

Today was Emerson’s day with Daddy, so we all carpooled to daycare, and then I was dropped off at work, and they went on to breakfast at Chick-fil-A.

Jeff made Emerson a window-side fort out of our sliding glass door curtains in the living room, and it looks like she camped out in there for quite a while this morning.

And then after lunch, they went across town to spend some time at Tom Brown park. She got to play on all the playground equipment, and then went for a little walk all around the pathways, and found a cute little rocky creek that she told me all about tonight. And luckily, Jeff took just enough video for me to make another cute little video of their time at the park.



Jeff and Emerson came and picked me up from work at the end of the day, and Nana picked up Addison from school. Then we went out to dinner at Piesano’s, which is still pretty new here in town, and I’d heard great things about it. They give you these amazing garlic rolls with Italian dressing drizzled on top, and they are so soft and fluffy and flavorful. Jeff and I both ordered calzones, but they were so stinking huge, both of us only ate half, so we definitely could/should have shared. Our waitress was also really good, and was super sweet with the girls.

One of Emerson’s school friends sat near us not long after we were seated, and Emmie was so excited to see her. They went back and forth between our tables chatting and giggling and doing the word search on the kids menu, and it was so sweet watching her with a little friend. We also loved having a nice Friday night out to eat with Nana!

Had to do a little walk over to Publix after dinner, for the girls to get a free bakery cookie, and drive the little buggy-car.

We got the girls into their jammies and watched some Bluey, and then started bedtime. When I went to get Emerson’s room set-up, I found her little to-do list from the day, and loved seeing her animals all lined up. Jeff actually had to take a few work calls this morning, so I had left her a list of things she could do on her own while he was working. I love that she crossed them all off, and even added “get jressed” to the list herself. She’s the sweetest!

At Trader Joe’s the other day, I bought some croissants; so I need to set them out to proof overnight, so that we can have them for breakfast in the morning.

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